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  1. Schauwn

    2020 MLB Thread

    Rangers have this too. $50 get's your cutout in the stands for the season.
  2. Schauwn

    2020 EPL Thread

    why are these twitter videos always the worst fucking quality...
  3. Schauwn

    Move to OOTP 21?

    I'll let you guys carry on without me, I've been dead weight for a while now.
  4. Schauwn

    2085 Draft Thread

    @Rutgers Mike
  5. Schauwn

    2085 Draft Thread

  6. Schauwn

    2085 Draft Thread

    @berlin @Rutgers Mike I think?
  7. Schauwn

    2085 Season Thread

    Exported. Good to go. Thanks @Karl Hungus
  8. Schauwn

    2085 Season Thread

    yeah, I'll double-check now to avoid any headaches in case I'm wrong.
  9. Schauwn

    2085 Season Thread

    Good to go here.
  10. Schauwn

    IFA rules

    I only had 1.4m available and the top guys demands were around 1.2, but I lowballed to see if they would sign at 700k each.
  11. Schauwn

    IFA rules

    I hvae a little cap left, let me see...okay to do it during this sim?
  12. Schauwn

    2020 GORDO

  13. Schauwn

    2084 Draft Thread

    "grow up" says the guy who told me to suck his dick...lol