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  1. goblue96

    2087 Season Thread (Because Goblue96 doesn't know the sim year)

    And....the injuries have already started for @hayvis
  2. goblue96

    [FM20] No Coaching Badges....No Problem

    None of that Face in the Game shit here....meet my manager. No coaching badges and a Sunday League BALLER. My man here entered the corching world with no coaching badges and just a Sunday League experience. This German/Dutch @chibob was born in AMSTERDAM. My laptop has a lot of power...
  3. goblue96

    [FM20] Not Going Hungary in Quarantine

    I’ve been playing Football Manager in my usual comfort zone in England taking a team from the Championship into the Premier League and finally into European competition. I wanted something different. Something that could hold my interest so I don’t go crazy. I’m trying, for the first time, a...
  4. goblue96

    [FM20] What Chester?!?!? COLCHESTER BITCH!!!!!

    My first save on Football Manager 20. However, I've got a men's competitive league curling game tonight. So, a deep dive into the club will have to wait, most likely, until tomorrow. The board has an ambitious five-year plan.
  5. goblue96

    [FM19] The Kids From Serravalle

    Flashback to 1993 and England (@hayvis) traveled to the sleepy hamlet of Serravalle in San Marino and just eight seconds into the match this happens England would go to win the match 7-1 but this moment stands out as the high point of Sammarinese football. I intend to change that. I...
  6. goblue96

    [FM19] Fortune Favours Herr Manager - Fortuna Dusseldorf

    Welcome to FM19, Herr Manager! Herr Manager joins newly promoted Fortuna Dusseldorf who picked to finish.... Dead last. Good luck, Herr Manager!
  7. goblue96

    [FM19] Taking Stock of the Situation

    Stockport County was a member of the Football League since 1900 before it was relegated from League Two into the Conference National in 2011. It was a quick drop into the North Division just two years later. The club has been part of the North Division for the last six seasons. It is...
  8. goblue96

    [FM18] A FM Journey Starts in Bath

    Going to spend the summer playing a Journeyman Football Manager save. I'm starting out in the shit league of the Vanarama National South League which a 22-team league of semi-professional clubs. A random number generator assigned me to Bath for the starting point of this career as a...
  9. goblue96

    [FM 16] Goblue's Everton Dynasty

    Since @Travis7401 said I needed a hobby and start a FM Dynasty, I waited until the latest edition of Football Manager came out. The beta was released today and the official release is on November 13. But I'm saying fuck it and starting my dynasty with today's beta release. I'm taking over...
  10. goblue96

    Week 9 presented by Buffalo Wild Wings

    Another shitty slate of games. Exhibit A: Notre Dame at Temple is the ABC prime-time game
  11. goblue96

    Week 6 2015

    Not a lot of great matchups this week. Only two games where both teams are ranked in the top 25: Northwestern at Michigan - top two scoring defenses in D-1....final score could be 3-2. Cal at Utah - BYU is still the best team from Utah that Michigan has played @Bdub but somehow Utah is...
  12. goblue96

    BYU at Michigan - Noon on ABC or ESPN

    vs Will the Nut Punchers get another chance to win on a hail mary. The last Michigan hail mary at Michigan Stadium still hits a nerve.
  13. goblue96

    Rutgers-Michigan Suicide Watch Thread

    @DeadMan @wolverine318 @Rutgers Mike Find you razor blades here.
  14. goblue96

    World Cup - Finals

    Who ya got? I'm going with:
  15. goblue96

    FM 14 Brendan Brooks Dynasty

    This save is already in the 2042-43 season. I started the save back right before Thanksgiving. Brendan Brooks is the son of the original manager forging his own path in the football world. The original manager: Brendan spent part of a season at Leyton Orient before moving on at the end of...
  16. goblue96

    Sports Bar Random Discussion Thread

    Who has better khakis: Jim Harbargh or Jake from State Farm?