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  1. Karl Hungus

    IFA Circle Jerk Thread

    Is it time to change the IFA system? Either back to what we had before, to something new, or getting away with it entirely? The current system doesn't seem fair to me. There is definitely a hidden prestige/reputation that is used as a tie-breaker by the AI when the bonus offers are the...
  2. Karl Hungus

    2086 Draft Thread

    Any traded picks? I want to get this going tonight.
  3. Karl Hungus

    Move to OOTP 21?

    It's about that time. Vote and then leave any thoughts you have on the future direction of the league here.
  4. Karl Hungus

    2084 Draft Thread

    This class looks pretty good- some of them aren't wheelchair-bound! Do's: Choose between the FOUR Belorussian comrades Select a long-term starter at SS or 3b Pick Ger "Assman" Asseldonk Don'ts: Pick the pitcher with an arthritic elbow Hold Niven Kennerson hostage
  5. Karl Hungus

    It's 2084

    Hope springs eternal.
  6. Karl Hungus

    2083 Draft Thread

    @TonyGin&Juice Do you have traded picks?
  7. Karl Hungus

    2082 Draft Thread

    @Schauwn https://statsplus.net/nwbl/draft#current
  8. Karl Hungus

    2080 Season Thread

    Opening Day is live- http://utopia.allsimbaseball9.com/cgi-bin/ouLiveSim.pl?leagueId=100
  9. Karl Hungus

    2079 Draft

    It's draft day(s), babby! @NML are you still on otto?
  10. Karl Hungus

    2079 Season Thread

    Spring training starts tomorrow. What will this season's big story lines be?
  11. Karl Hungus

    2077 Season Thread

    For all pre- @Rutgers Mike return discussion.
  12. Karl Hungus

    2074-75 Offseason thread

    Post all offseason discussion here. Or don't. :dunno:
  13. Karl Hungus

    Dat Week 13 Thread- Brought to You by @bruin

    Turkey. Footbaw. Go.
  14. Karl Hungus

    2015 MLB Thread (Little things that keep you up)

    Pitchers and catchers report soon, it was time to retire the 2014 thread. Let's get started with some vintage Astros programs.
  15. Karl Hungus

    World Cup- Semifinal thread

    Brazil v Germany Holland v Argentina Discus.
  16. Karl Hungus

    Seoul Glow

    After winning the 2039 championship, things went south for Seoul in 2040. Crippling injuries meant that 3/5 of the rotation, all three starting outfielders, and the Glove Wizard 3b missed significant time. Some big changes are coming to the Glow in 2041. Slugger Ryan Connor was traded to...