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2019 Motor Racing thread


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Bubba wallace quit mid race today and went on a postrace twitter tirade about how he finds it funny that folks are so upset he quit a video game.

Blue Emu, who sponsored him for the race, didnt find it so funny. They kicked him to the curb


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Another week, another driver doing/saying something that will prolly cost them.

This time its Kyle Larson.

Landon Cassill put together a 50+ car race on the monza oval for tonight. Even had Bestwick commentating. Apparently Larson was trying to do a mic check on the drivers channel and said "Hey N-word"....hard R and all. Since everyone is streaming these days....everyone heard it. Hes now trending on twitter


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Chastain probably.
yeah, by the time real racing gets back up and running, Newman should be ready to move back into the 6. Chastain moves directly from 6 to 42.

Serious black eye for the sport that is surrounded by a racist stigma. Whats crazy is its done by an asian from California


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I mean, Larson will be back, but not for a while. Kurt Busch was a complete douche nozzle at one point, and got accused of woman beating (even though he was cleared of those charges), and even he made it back to the top. I still can't believe that some fucking Adderall killed AJ Allmendinger's career though. Dude had the #22 ride and lost it.


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Nascar back....going to Darlington and then Charlotte with no fans.

May 17th - Cup Series at Darlington 3:30 PM 400 miles

May 20th - Cup Series at Darlington 7:30 PM 500 kilometers

May 24th - Cup Series at Charlotte 6:00 PM 600 miles

May 27th - Cup Series at Charlotte 8:00 PM 500 kilometers


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No win scenario there for Chase.
he could have 4 wins on the season and be walking away from the field as the favorite to win the Cup. Dominated Vegas....broken valve stem doomed him. Was one of the 2-3 fastest cars at Phoenix....flat tire doomed him. Fastest car at Darlington2....Kyle Busch doomed him. Fastest car the last 100 laps in the 600...caution with 1 lap to go from his teammate doomed him.

30 fucking seconds away from coke 600 champion. I feel for him. Dudes had some of the worst fucking luck of anyone i've ever seen in the first few years of his career. If he even has a little luck, he could have something like 12 wins and hes only 24 years old.