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2020 GORDO


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The titans ran a TE screen but the TE took a step forward and caught it past the LOS so they got pass interference called on the downfield blocker lol


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Look at what happened with Jamal Adams. He was supposedly "causing problems" but the second he gets to Seattle, he becomes their leading pass rusher. Bell is about to return to form instantly with the Chiefs.

Shit, I wouldn't want to be on the Jets or playing for Gase either, tf


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Jerry Jones doesn't need to make these threats. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader director knows what he wants.


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Still can't believe I lost the Tebow bet on a technicality. TEBOW > BORTLES

Tebow Career Record (including playoffs) 9-7 (1-1 Playoffs). 19 TD - 9 INT (2.1:1)
BORTLES Career Record (including playoffs) 26-50 (2-1 Playoffs) 106 TD - 75 INT ( 1.4:1)

Literally the only thing he did better was win 2 playoff games, lol. We had 3 metrics and somehow I agreed to a bet where being better in 1 metric was good enough?
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Tebow plays one season with an elite defense and travis throws DA RECORD out every chance he gets. Garoppolo is 24-8 and went to a SUPERB OWL (with 2.1:1 ratio too!) and he just got benched for whatever a CJ Beathard is. Maybe those aren't the best metrics?

Bortles was drafted by the worst franchise in the history of sports and still probably should've went to the Super Bowl #MYLES JACK WASNT DOWN


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Good thing Cleveland wore their brown pants. Pretty sure they're going to shit down their legs in Pittsburgh until the end of time.