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2020 GORDO


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One thing is that reddit only beats Roger by like 30 seconds now. When it's a normal broadcast is it like the NBA where we get the picks 2-3 minutes before Silver announces?


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What a night...

Lamb jerkin phones out of his half dressed girlfriends hands, ruggs in a bath robe, mccarthy inside living rooms across America, whatever was going on at vrabels house with his big lipper, draftees families waving the obvious party to stay in the other room so we dont see they have way more than 10 folks at their house, wingo cutting schefter off mid sentence to announce a pick was in when it wasnt in, raiders staying on brand, drunk goodell announcing names wrong and announcing vegas hosting 2020 draft, bullet points, cgi cowboy greats on cgi horses, mel kiper in a coat closet, no todd mcshay cuz he got the corona, aaron rodgers getting aaron rodgered......what did i miss?