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[FM 19] mcnoles - Manager


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I decided to buy FM 19. The last one I played was FM 17. Will be starting a career. Follow my journey to the top!:)

John Pearson
Age - 29
Born - LA

Season 1 (2018-2019) - Moreirense F.C.

Moreirense F.C.
Moreirebse F.C. is predicted to finish 16th in Primeira Liga (Portuguese football league) .:oops:

Football Manager 2019 8_18_2019 1_01_50 AM.png

Welcome note to Moreirense F.C.

Football Manager 2019 8_18_2019 1_02_09 AM.png

Not good.

Football Manager 2019 8_18_2019 1_06_53 AM.png

Here is my team report. It looks ok I guess.

Football Manager 2019 8_18_2019 1_09_25 AM.png

That is all for now. Look forward to my journey!:)


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Sold 246 season tickets!:)

Football Manager 2019 8_18_2019 3_11_09 PM.png

Signed my first player
Silva will bring good depth to my team.

Football Manager 2019 8_18_2019 3_32_24 PM.png

First game as the Coach!
Great start

Football Manager 2019 8_18_2019 8_00_26 PM.png

League title odd
It will be a very tough season ahead.

Football Manager 2019 8_18_2019 8_07_55 PM.png

The shocker upset!
I show why I am the right person for the job!

Football Manager 2019 8_18_2019 9_00_00 PM.png
Note: I will only post the important stuff.:)
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TWINK Stadium
Good Luck! Portugal is one of my favorite leagues to play, unseating the Big 3 also eventually ends up with all of the clubs doing well in Europe and eventually getting a 4th slot, which is cool to see.


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Up to 400 season tickets!:)

Football Manager 2019 8_18_2019 9_12_18 PM.png

Fans upset with me :(
I understand their frustration.
4-2-3-1 DM isn't going the way I want it to be. I decided to change my formation to 4-1-4-1 DM Wide. Maybe that will help.:Nerd:

Football Manager 2019 8_19_2019 2_24_10 PM.png

Advance to the Fourth Round!:)

Football Manager 2019 8_19_2019 2_52_32 PM.png

This may be the best performance of my team so far!:)

Football Manager 2019 8_19_2019 3_21_17 PM.png

Still looking for a win:(

Football Manager 2019 8_19_2019 3_26_43 PM.png

Players named in Team of the Week!:)

Football Manager 2019 8_19_2019 3_30_13 PM.png

Have finally won a game!:Music:
With the win, the team moved to 11th in the League!

Football Manager 2019 8_19_2019 4_10_14 PM.png

Football Manager 2019 8_19_2019 4_12_39 PM.png


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Sold two players

Nene (striker) to P.Ferreira
Sold for $11,46k

Football Manager 2019 8_20_2019 2_43_51 PM.png

Patricio Rodriguez (striker) to Estudiantes(LP)
Sold him for $275,000

Football Manager 2019 8_20_2019 3_06_07 PM.png
As you can see I sold both of my strikers, because they think should be starting over Nuno.:rolleyes: On, Nuno is the only striker I have left. I mismanaged my roster. Hopefully, he will stay healthy! :)

The first half of the financial

Football Manager 2019 8_20_2019 3_15_38 PM.png

Arsenio signed a new contract

Football Manager 2019 8_20_2019 3_19_35 PM.png

Jorge Miguel signed a new contract

Football Manager 2019 8_20_2019 3_19_43 PM.png



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2018-2019 Review

Football Manager 2019 8_22_2019 11_36_17 PM.png

I finished my first season as a mangar. As you can see, I had a great year.:) Led Moreirense F.C. to 6th place finish.

Key stats

Scored 43 goals
Allowed 42 goals
14 shutouts

Pedro Nuno - 16 goals
Arsenic 10 goals

So after the season, I decided to apply to a bigger club, to see if I could get an interview. Sevilla and VfB Stuttgart said thank, but no thanks. But Sporting CP decided to give me an interview, probably because they saw me how well I was doing with Moreirense. So I interview for the job and I got it! :) Look forward to my next post about Sporting CP!


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Sporting CP 2019-2020

My goal as mangar of Sporting CP is to improve the reputation. Right now Sporting is currently is 35th in the world. Key gets in the top 15. Same as for Portuguese Premier League. Right now they are rank 7th. The goal is to get the league in top 5.

Team Chart
I add plenty of players during the summer transfer.

Football Manager 2019 8_23_2019 11_48_12 PM.png

Finances chart

Football Manager 2019 8_22_2019 11_08_02 PM.png

Players brought

Pedro Amador - Braga Under 23s
For 165k. Potential ability is high. Hopefully, he can become a good player down the road.

Football Manager 2019 8_23_2019 12_08_27 AM.png

Vasilis Barkas - AEK
For 8.5M. He will be my starter.

Football Manager 2019 8_23_2019 12_31_35 AM.png

This is all for now. Will post more.:)




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Pablo Cuadra - Unión Santa Fe (Argentina club)
For $4.5M. Will bring good depth.

Football Manager 2019 8_23_2019 1_24_47 AM.png

Rafa Soares - Vit. Guimaraes
For $3.5M. Will bring good depth.

Football Manager 2019 8_23_2019 1_50_38 AM.png

Players sold

Alan Ruiz to VfL Wolfsburg

Football Manager 2019 8_23_2019 1_20_36 AM.png

Adboulay Diaby to Huddersfield

Football Manager 2019 8_23_2019 1_29_00 AM.png

Rodrigo Battaglia to Atalanta

Joined on loan until the end of the season. Then he will permanently join them in 2020.
For $15M (Summer transfer 2020)

Football Manager 2019 8_23_2019 3_55_37 PM.png




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Transfer summer 2019

English Premier:

Mauro Icardi (Inter) to ManU for $129M
Federico Chiesa (Fiorentina) to Tottenham for $88M

Serie A:

James Rodriguez (Real Madrid) to Inter for $51M

La Liga:

Sadio Mane (Liverpool) to Real Madrid for $126M
Frenkie de Jong (Ajax) to Barcelona for $88M - yes, this actually happened:)
Marcelo Brozovic (Inter) to Barcelona for $58M
Rodrygo (Santos) to Real Madrid for $53M - yep, again:)


Emre Can (Juventus) to FC Bayern for $64M
Raphael Guerreiro (Dortmund) to PSG for $47M
Benjamin Pavard (FC Bayern) to PSG for $41M

Ligue 1:

Ruben Neves (Wolves) to PSG for $95M
Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (Lazio) to PSG for $87M
Rony Lopes (As Monaco) to FC Bayern for $85M
Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace) to As Monaco for $60M

Primeira Liga:

Gedson Fernandes (SLB) to Man City for $62M
Joano Felix (SLB) to Man City for $53M
Ruben Dias (SLB) to RB Leipzig for $36.5M

SLB only just spends $37M.:thinking:

Manager news:

Santiago Solari is the New Real Madrid manager.
Arsene Wenger is the new Sevilla manager.:Sacred:
Massimiliano Allegri is the new Man City manager. - Yep, Pep was sacked after finishing 2nd in the league.
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Jan Transfer 2020

Serie A:

Andrea Belotti (Torino) to Man City for $58M

La Liga:

Iago Aspas (Vigo) to Inter for $46.5M
Aritz Elustondo (Real San Sebastian) to Barcelona for $22M


Nabil Bentaleb (Schalke 04) to FC Bayern for $45M
Javi Martinez (FC Bayern) to Napoli for $34M
Kelechi Iheanacho (Leicester) to Borussia for $24.5M
Gotoku Sakai (Hamburger SV) to Vigo for $15.5M

Ligue 1:

Florian Thauvin (OM) to Man City for $62M
Denis Dragus (FC Viitorul) to OM for $16.5M
Albian Ajeti (Basel) to OM for $15.25M
Leandro Paredes (PSG) to Hull for $15.25M

Primeira Liga:

EderMilitao (FCP) to Arsenal for $40.5M
Jeremy Toljan (Dortmund) to SLB for $14.75M
Cesar Montes (Monterrey) to FCP for $11.75M
Pablo Cuadra (Racing Club) to Sporting for $3.6M


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Review 2019-2020 Season

Sporting win League cup
It was a great game between Sporting and SLB. It came down to PK.

Football Manager 2019 8_26_2019 11_15_08 PM.png

Heading to Champions Cup:)

Football Manager 2019 8_28_2019 7_16_21 PM.png

Sporting have won the Premier League
It has been a long time. The last time Sporting came first was back in 2002. The race to the top was very tight at the end of the season.

Football Manager 2019 8_28_2019 8_20_51 PM.png

Sporting won Taca De Portugal

Football Manager 2019 8_28_2019 8_42_24 PM.png

End of Season awards gives out

Football Manager 2019 8_28_2019 8_43_55 PM.png

Football Manager 2019 8_28_2019 8_57_03 PM.png

Football Manager 2019 8_28_2019 8_57_13 PM.png

Football Manager 2019 8_28_2019 8_57_23 PM.png



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I haven't posted in a while. I am in 2022-2023 season.

2020-2021 Season Review

Sporting won Supertaca over Braga

Football Manager 2019 8_29_2019 6_38_33 PM.png

Group Stage

My team didn't make it out of the group stage.:sad:

Football Manager 2019 8_30_2019 8_54_06 PM.png

Finally, lose a game

Football Manager 2019 9_2_2019 9_43_27 PM.png

Signed Nakajima during Jan. transfer

Football Manager 2019 9_2_2019 11_28_04 PM.png

Sold Raphinha to ManU
He wanted to go there since it is a bigger club
Football Manager 2019 9_2_2019 10_17_23 PM.png

Also signed Tsygankov from FC Bayern

Football Manager 2019 9_3_2019 12_18_20 AM.png

Two times in a row!

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 12_02_49 AM.png

First place!
Had a great season

Football Manager 2019 9_10_2019 12_13_52 AM.png

Led the league in goals with 82

Football Manager 2019 9_10_2019 12_14_10 AM.png



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Transfer note Summer 2020-2021
Spanish First Division

Marco Asensio (Real Madrid) to FC Bayern for $93M
Presnel Kimpembe (PSG) to Barcelona for $73M
Lewandowski (FC Bayern) to Real Madrid for $70M
Ibrahima Konate (RB Leipzig) to Real Madrid for $66M

English Premier

Leon Bailey (Bayer 04) to Chelsea for $98M
Milan Skriniar (Inter) to Man CIty for $97M
Kalidou Koulibaly (Napoli) to Tottenham for $88M
Jadon Sancho (Borussia) to ManU for $83M

Serie A

Federico Bernardeschi (Juventus) to ManU for $72M
Rodrigo Bentancur (Juventus) to PSG for $57M
Nikola Milenkovic (Florentina) to Liverpool for $41.5M
Michael Kouame (Genoa) to RB Leipzig for $32M


Marcel Sabitzer (RB Leipzig) to As Monaco for $69M

Portuguese Premier

Florentino Luis (SLB) to Man CIty for $58M
Rodrigo (Man City) to SLB for $29M
Giovani Lo Celso (PSG) to FCP for $18.25M
Bruno Viana (Braga) to 1. FC Koln for $12.75M

Russian Premier

Fedor Chalov (CSKA Moscow) to Tottenham for $25.5M
Solomon Kvirkvelia (Lokomotiv Moscow) to Huaxia Xingfu for $12.25M
Arijan Ademi (Tottenham) to Lokomtiv Moscow for $10.25M
Abel Hernandex (Spartak Moscow) to CSKA Moscow for 8.5M


David Silva (Man City) to LAFC for $17.25M
Luciano Acosta (D.C. United) to Lanus for $7.25M
John Guidetti (Leeds) to Atlanta United for $5M
Milton Valenzuela (Columbus) to Huracan for $3.8M



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Transfer note Jan-2021
Spanish First Division

Mario Hermoso (Real Madrid) to AS Monaco for $13.5M
Sergi Palencia (Getafe) to Sevilla for $9M
Lassana Traore (A.Madrid) to Sporting for $7.25M
Ivan Martinez (Atletico Pampl.) to Barcelona for $6.75M

English Premier

Miguel Almiron (Newcastle) to Huaxia Xingfu for $87M
Ben Chilwell (Leicester) to Man City for $68M
Juan Miranda (Barcelona B) to Arsenal for $53M
Raphinha (Sporting) to ManU for $25.5M

Ligue 1

Joel Matip (Juventus) to PSG for $50M
Tin Jedvaj (AA Gent) to PSG $11M
Lucas Tousart (OL) to SLB for $7.75M

Serie A

Mario Rui (Guangzhou) to Juventus for $30.5M
Armando Izzo (Lazio) to Stoke for $11.5M
Junior Caicara (Basaksehir) to Torino for $7.5M


Kai Havertz (Bayer 04) to RB Leipzig for $67M
Victor Tsygankov (FC Bayern) to Sporting for $26M
Aly Cameara (Young Boys) to Hertha BSC for $17.5M
Leonardo Balerdi (Hannover 96) to Bayer 04 for $11.25M

Portuguese Premier

Ljubomir Fejsa (SLB) to Southampton for $13.25M

Russian Premier

Alessandro Murgia (Lazio) to Rostov for $4.7M
Lorenzo Melgarejo (Spartak Moscow) to Rubin for $2.6M
Andre Castro (Goztepe) to Rubin for $1.2M
Bart Ramselaar (PSV) to Ufa for $1.1M


Carlos Gruezo (FC Dallas) to Antwerp for $6.75M
Jhegson Menzez (Orlando City) to Antwerp for $4.8M
Maximiliano Urruti (Montreal Impact) to Talleres Cba. for $4.3M
Hwang In-Beom (Vancouver) to Ulsan for $1.8M
Juventus offer job interview
I decline the interview. Think it not the time for me to leaves yet.:)

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 1_25_29 AM.png

Montella new SLB Head coach

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 1_23_41 AM.png

Wenger steps down

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 2_54_24 PM.png

Mbappe named the best player in Europe

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 2_52_38 PM.png

New sponsorship deal worth $81M for 3 years

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 2_57_31 PM.png

Italy lift International League

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 2_59_21 PM.png

Juventus hired Zidane as Head Coach

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 3_00_24 PM.png

Real Madrid hired Deschamps as Head Coach

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 3_05_50 PM.png

Dortmund hired Conte as Head Coach

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 3_11_08 PM.png




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Portuguese Premier League moved up to 6th position!

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 3_12_32 PM.png

Sporting moved to 45th position while Bournemouth moved to 70th!

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 3_12_40 PM.png

Sporting top sponsorship!

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 3_37_21 PM.png

Good money here!

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 3_39_37 PM.png

Rafa Soares player of the year

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 3_51_17 PM.png

Diogo Bras named young player of the year
He is my player

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 3_51_23 PM.png

So this guy won the best goalkeeper
I think there is something wrong this game. I think it goes by the player avg. rating. Giving up 49 goals.

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 3_51_28 PM.png

Named the coach of the year

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 3_51_32 PM.png

More money!

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 4_07_43 PM.png


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2021-2022 Season Review

Group stage
I think this group is much easier, compare the one I had in 2020-2021 season. No excuse for me not making out this group.

Football Manager 2019 9_4_2019 10_16_46 PM.png

Summer Transfer note
Spanish First Division

Mateo Kovacic (Real Madrid) to PSG for$106M
Cristian Pavon (PSG) to Barcelona for $99M
Julian Brandt (Bayer 04) to Barcelona for $75M
Raphael Guerreiro (PSG) to Barcelona for$57M

English Premier

Ousmane Dembele (Barcelona) to Man City for $258M
Marquinhos (PSG) to ManU for $123M
Jose Gimenez (A.Madrid) to Chelsea for $87M
Diogo Jota (Wolves) to Liverpool for $82M

Ligue 1

Denis Dragus (OM) to AS Monaco for $100M

Serie A

Alex Meret (Napoli) to Sporting for $54M - my chairman was very nice to me. Giving me some good money to spend!
Luca Pellegrini (Roma) to PSG for $52M
Marcos Paulo (FLU) to Inter for 41.5M
Andrea Conti (Fiorentina) to Sporting for $26M


Arne Maier (Hertha BSC) to FC Bayern for $68M
Sherel Floranus (AS Monaco) to RB Leipzig for $49M

Portuguese Premier

Andrija Zivkovic (SLB) to Borussia Dortmund for $38M
Julian Weigl (FC Bayern) to Sporting for $17M

Russian Premier

Alexey Stepanov (CSKA Moscow) to Tottenham for $26M
Bruma (Lokomotiv Moscow) to Leicester for $10.75M
Jordan Ayew (Swansea) to Krasnodar for $7.75M
Aleksandar Dragovic (Southampton) to Ufa for $6.5M


Marcos Lopez (San Jose) to VfB Stuttgart for $6.75M
Julian Ryerson (LAFC) to Eintracht for $6.75M
Carlos Gruezo (FC Dallas) to Antwerp for $6.75M
Felipe Caicedo (Newcastle) to New England for $5.5M

Can you say beatdown!

Football Manager 2019 9_6_2019 4_50_34 PM.png

Mbappe named player of the year

Football Manager 2019 9_6_2019 5_56_34 PM.png

Thiago Almada named the Golden Boy

Football Manager 2019 9_6_2019 5_58_13 PM.png

Kean named U21 footballer of the year

Football Manager 2019 9_6_2019 5_58_24 PM.png

Welcome back home
He will join the team in summer

Football Manager 2019 9_6_2019 6_04_37 PM.png

Having a good year so far

Football Manager 2019 9_6_2019 10_34_10 PM.png

Record attendance!

Football Manager 2019 9_6_2019 10_36_20 PM.png

Remember Raphinha?
Well, he was not happy about his playing time at ManU. Maybe you shouldn't leave me at first!

Football Manager 2019 9_6_2019 11_26_08 PM.png