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League Announcement Thread

File and Site will be up at some point soon. Here's my patchnotes from today:

  • Every Team Stadium is now set at a capacity of 45,000
  • Added Schauwn's GM for Lisbon
  • Raised all Season Ticket Sales from this season to a floor of 10,000 (affects Lisbon)
  • Raised all Season Ticket Revenues from this season for new/otto teams to a floor of $25,000,000 (affects Paris, Lisbon, Berlin)
As such, there is now a temporary budget floor for next season of 104M. Official changes to Rev Sharing/Ticket Baselines/Media Contracts will be done in the postseason after all the contenders are locked in with their rosters. It is likely we will not continue to set manual floors and hope to achieve these without going in and editing things.
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Okay so patchnotes are too long, but Finances are 'tweaked'. Here's my brief explanation:

Minor League playoffs now have 4 teams, not 2.
College and High School are now resolved by Double Elimination

There is now a cap of $5.5M on IFA. The yearly restrictions are removed.
Dropped Scouting Discoverings from 6 to 3 per year.
Bumped up Indendepent League FA from 3 to 6 per year.

In Admin panel:
National Media Baseline to $50M from $35M
Local Media Baseline to $10M from $20M
Merchandising Baselin to $7.5M from $15M
Rev Sharing from 25% to 20%
Ticket Price Baseline from $25 to $26
Attendance Baseline to 38k from 35k

-You should raise your ticket prices a tad, but they're capped at 40.

Finances Changes pre-Offseason
All teams with negative cash to a minimum of $1
Media Contracts + Merchandising manually edited to reflect Baseline changes
Topped off LV's Season Ticket Revenue to reflect ticket price cap
Topped off a few of the big market teams so the rev sharing change doesn't put them at 212M in budget
All Market sizes back to 4 (Standard offseason stuff)

Finances Changes post-Offseason
Adjusted budgets to reflect baseline changes
Ensured playoff teams were in the 'upper tier' of local media budgets, and adjusted budgets accordingly (Berlin is the clearest example)
All teams with negative cash post-offseason changes against set to a minimum to ensure no team is thrown into too much disarray in either direction

The finances should settle without manual input for next offseason, it'll be easier to see when season TIX start coming out. I'll re-assess again when that happens.
Anyways, it's now the offseason. Everyone who needs an unsignable guy, post it in the offseason thread and I'll add them to your minors team, I got a couple of Tony's guys but stopped after those two because I didn't want to go through every team after doing all that work already. Still one sim left for draft pick signing tho.