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Sports Bar Random Discussion Thread


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I have a 9 minute drive to work when I actually feel like going in. Not enough time for a podcast.


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I just left after the first hole. Imagine finding a way to make golf on tv even more boring. This is it. It’s nothing but downtime with Ernie and Charles Barkley filling with horrible commentary.
I caught the last two holes and then the tie break portion. Looks like I dodged the Charles bullet. Apparently ESPNs payment processor had issues or something so they ended up streaming it online for free. Nothing better to do at work, so why not.


Desensitized and Willing
The Tiger-Phil thing was like some weird boomer wet dream, which means I didn't find it compelling in the least.


The Akita on Utopia

Dear Colin,

Alas, you were right all along. The folly of America has now been revealed. Forgive my nation.


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