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  1. Snorky's Shame

    2021-22 Club Soccer (UCL, EL, Libertadores, CCL & Domestic Leagues) Barca Death Spiral Edition

    Post everything about club soccer outside of England here. Here's a partial list where you can find your league on TV in the US: England: NBC Networks France: BeIN Germany: ESPN Networks Italy: Paramount+, maybe CBS Networks Spain: ESPN Networks Argentina: Paramount+ Brazil: Paramount+ AFC...
  2. Snorky's Shame

    2020-21 Club Soccer (UCL, EL, Libertadores, CCL & Domestic Leagues)

    UCL Qualifiers and the French League have already started. Looking forward to watching lots of Bundesliga and Serie A games on ESPN+ this year. Still pissed La Liga re-upped with beIN.
  3. Snorky's Shame

    2019 FIBA World Cup

    Didn't see a thread for this but it starts in a few hours. Really wish this became the main international tournament. Doesn't make sense for the Olympics to be your biggest tournament if you want to challenge soccer for worldwide supremacy. The groups: Group A: Ivory Coast, Poland, Venezuela...
  4. Snorky's Shame

    2019-20 Club Soccer (UCL, EL, Libertadores, CCL & Domestic Leagues)

    Out with the old and in with the new. With 3 of the big 5 leagues becoming dominated by one team, talk of a European Super League has again come to the forefront. I don't necessarily want it to happen but I fear we are heading in that direction. If we do one, I think the fairest way would be...
  5. Snorky's Shame

    2018-19 Club Soccer (UCL, EL, Libertadores, CCL & Domestic Leagues)

    Less than a month before the season starts so here is the new thread. Post all news, rumors and shitty tourney buys transfers here. Schedules: Premier League Ligue Une Bundesliga Serie A Eredivisie Primeira Liga La Liga
  6. Snorky's Shame

    2017-18 Club Soccer (UCL, EL, Libertadores, CCL & Domestic Leagues)

    Well, next season starts now. Transfer rumors should be heating up soon. Sadly, I only see races in England and Spain next year. Paris, Bayern and Juventus should win their leagues rather easily. This trend isn't limited to the big five leagues however. Basel, Olympiakos, Celtic, Benfica and...
  7. Snorky's Shame

    2016-17 Club Soccer (UCL, EL, Libertadores, CCL & Domestic Leagues)

    Post transfer rumors and anything else here. Bartra - Barcelona to Dortmund (8m Euro) Dani Alves - Barcelona to Juventus (Free)
  8. Snorky's Shame

    2015-16 Club Soccer (UCL, EL, Libertadores, CCL & Domestic Leagues)

    New thread for the upcoming season. Champions' League teams for 2015. Bayern, Manchester United, Sevilla and Roma a possible group. So is PSV, Leverkusen, Olympiakos and Gent. Copa Libertadores Semis: River Plate (ARG) - Guarani (PAR) Internacional (BRA) - UANL (MEX) UANL cannot...
  9. Snorky's Shame

    Major League Soccer Thread

    2015 Home Openers Announced WEEK 1 Friday, March 6 Los Angeles vs. Chicago Saturday, March 7 D.C. vs. Montreal Vancouver vs. Toronto Houston vs. Columbus Philadelphia vs. Colorado Portland vs. Salt Lake Dallas vs. San Jose Sunday, March 8 Orlando vs. New York City Kansas City vs. New...
  10. Snorky's Shame

    FIBA World Cup Thread

    Well we have Commonwealth Games thread, might as well have a thread for a World Cup the US can actually win. Group A: Brazil, Egypt, France, Iran, Serbia, Spain Group B: Argentina, Croatia, Greece, Philippines (no, this is not a joke), Puerto Rico, Senegal Group C: Dominican Republic, Finland...
  11. Snorky's Shame

    FIFA 2014 World Cup Game Thread

    Release date April 15 Unless your team is Bhutan, Brunei, Gibraltar, Guam, Mauritania or South Sudan, your team is in the game. Wish they'd have classic teams or create-a-team.