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  1. HuskerHomie

    NCAA Basketball And Clownzano Twitter Aggregation Thread

    LOL. Yeah, Nike usually makes custom templates based on teams like Oregon and ships them off to teams like North Texas with their colors/font. Not that difficult PREHM.
  2. HuskerHomie

    NCAA Basketball And Clownzano Twitter Aggregation Thread

    The precursor to Jerry Nadler...
  3. HuskerHomie

    2022 ZAPPE

    My fantasy football team name for the last few years has been Blame it on the Henne. Sad that it has to go now.
  4. HuskerHomie

    Dunk on anyone but SLENDERMAN 22-23

    Bingo. Pretty remarkable how LeBron was so hyped up as a high schooler and met, and in many cases exceeded, expectations. Most people with the spotlight on them at that young of an age throw it away or go crazy. He has stayed the course and at the very least, seems to be a family man and a...
  5. HuskerHomie

    2022 ZAPPE

    Living in the KC area during this era is fun, but also annoying as hell. I pull for the Chiefs, but some of these morons couldn't tell the football equivalent of a blue line from a clothesline. And I guess that's most fanbases when you have success, but it still irks me.
  6. HuskerHomie

    2022 ZAPPE

  7. HuskerHomie

    2022: The World Cup Thread

    And basically the last 175 years.
  8. HuskerHomie

    2022 Season: Week 5 Thread - Young Americans

    I always thought there was a reason Venables was a DC and never a head coach, but I imagine @silverwheels would know better. Disclaimer: I haven't followed college football closely for the last five-ish years so I could be talking out of my rear end.
  9. HuskerHomie

    International Soccer

    Unveiling the host cities right now on FS1. So far: Vancouver Seattle San Fran LA Guadalajara Kansas City Atlanta Houston Dallas Monterrey Mexico City Toronto Boston Philadelphia Miami NY/NJ This FS1 show and the host(s) are AWFUL. I mean, it's FIFA, but my word.
  10. HuskerHomie

    FUT TROG 20!

    FIFA 23 to be final entry in series as EA Sports announces replacement franchise Some more details here, but I'm genuinely curious as to what this will all look like. The games always have their flaws, but I don't look for it to be a perfect simulation of a soccer match - I enjoy it for what it...
  11. HuskerHomie

    EA College Football (NCAA Football returns!)

    Hundreds, maybe thousands of posts, copying and pasting answers and modifying the ones we thought weren't right. It was crazy. You'd have to do a timed Google Form or something now. It was a $50 game and we all put a ton of time into getting a free copy. As a high schooler, that was a lot of...
  12. HuskerHomie

    EA College Football (NCAA Football returns!)

    Two things after hearing this announcement that I am stoked for: Another 50+ question trivia contest on Nutopia where the winner gets a free copy of the game The release of DT Linder's rosters
  13. HuskerHomie

    NCAA Basketball And Clownzano Twitter Aggregation Thread

    Assert your dominance. I like it.
  14. HuskerHomie

    Week 4 Thread - In the Light

    Pat Fitzgerald and his staff trying to figure out social media.
  15. HuskerHomie

    NCAA Basketball And Clownzano Twitter Aggregation Thread

    Waiting for the hammer to come down on Cleveland State for this.
  16. HuskerHomie

    FIFA 16: Every game is a draw

    Went on a bad losing streak the other day. Long story short, I had to replace a PS4 controller.
  17. HuskerHomie

    FIFA 17

    I hope the "attempt to blackmail your fellow national team member with a sex tape" Mode is included in the special edition.