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craziest stat I saw in regards to Brady and his longevity is that Brady won his first super bowl before Roger Federer had ever won a major....


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Only has the best HC, TE, WR in football... Mahomes was absolutely horrendous.

TOMPA barely had to do anything. That was boring as hell to watch.
Is the best WR the one that let a TD bounce off his face?

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So is Belicheck finished after last night? He has to retire now that he knows all of his previous success was due to TOMPA
Brady is the GOAT no doubt, but he got to pick a team with a fairly loaded roster. Give Belicheck a couple more years to see what he can do building a roster without touchdown tom


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So is Belicheck finished after last night? He has to retire now that he knows all of his previous success was due to TOMPA
He has to stick around n grind out 6 to 8 win szns 2 catch Dan Shuler. He has a good health insurance plan I’m sure so maybe he can last to age 74-75 as a corch. Although the lure of drawing maximum social security benefits in a couple years may be a good excuse for him to step away from a failing organization. Although he would have unlimited earnings limitation after full retirement age. I would still do it and hope most sports reporters are confused by the rules and don’t call him out for it.


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Dominated. Taken a bit a back because we haven’t seen that really in the Mahomes era. Fisher injury brutal. Some questionable penalties in the first half, but KC would falter every time inside TB’s 40 so don’t think it really made a difference. Just the worst time to have a off night. Kelce had a big drop mid 2nd quarter that I said to myself “uh oh.” cause you just can’t make those mistakes in the SB.

Andy calling TO’s before the half when TB wanted to run the clock out still grinding my gears. But can’t blame Andy with what’s going on with his son. Can’t imagine.

Chiefs will be back. Even Roberto Duran got his ass kicked.


I love how much you hate him lol
It's basically all I've got when it comes to football. Arizona is a complete dumpster fire because it turns out that Kevin Sumlin is only a good coach when he's got a Heisman-level talent under center, the Bears are a complete dumpster fire who don't deserve the playoff opportunities to get and I won't mention the team run by Dean (fuck you) Spanos by name.

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So weird to look at David Culley's coaching history. He's 65 years old and this is his first head coaching job. He's been a WR coach or QB coach at almost all of his stops, with a few assistant head coach roles. I would say that they are crazy to hire him as the 4th oldest NFL head coach, but all of the older coaches (Carroll, Belichick, Arians) have a title so maybe there's something to the old man energy.