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Completely Awful Nebraska Football Thread - LOL blackshits

Dr. Shats Basoon

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Well 49-14 doesn’t ring immediate OMFG were progressing.

But I bet this coming matchup with the bye week will go a long way to where this season goes. OU just destroyed the oline.

Mickey is going to kick some oline ass, and likely put Raiola on blast.

There is a chance - because the big west is absolute trash.
There is no chance buddy not this year


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You guys doubling my money by being predictably pitiful so thx


Derector Conter
It’s a fire sale in Lincoln: d coordinator Chinander sent packing

Maybe get rid of the puking oline corch

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Fan before they beat Wisconsin.
Isn't it still Donovan Raiola, brother to Dominic?

Honest offense has been one of the few things they actually could do.


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The process isn’t unfolding or doing shit for three more months. Nobody is quitting mid season to go there. Unless they are hiring someone unemployed, ain’t gonna be shit happening for a long time. @Brick will have another jerb before brasky has a head corch.