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joshuahuskers' Wisconsin State Porcupines


Utopia Football League
Beat Penn State. Great game. Difference turned out to be the only turnover of the game, an interception in the 4th quarter. Game feed is on twitter @WiscStFootball I really love this slider set. That Plus being able to do the playoff with my Porcupines...I feel like I have a whole new game.



Utopia Football League
Mass update. I just don’t have the time to update this like I used to. Kinda sad.

Schedule was super easy after Michigan, so we are rolling now. I’ve toned down the human run game as much as possible (literally Heisman with 0 human Run Block and 100 CPU run defense), but that wasn’t until the last few games so we will see how that goes against better competition.

We have Illinois and @ Wisconsin left in the Regular season. We’ve clinched the division, and it looks like Ohio State will win the east. Pretty similar to how it played out before the reboot haha.


Utopia Football League

Fucking badgers. Unbelievable. Our Heisman candidate QB Ryan Inman throws 4 picks, including one with the game tried on a drive to win the game. Even after getting down 31-24, our WR was tackled at the two yard line on a Hail Mary. I hate Wisconsin.

Not out of the playoff conversation, though. There are no undefeated P5 teams, and even though the game dropped us to #12 in the rankings, I am my own committee so hahahaha


Utopia Football League
Pre-CCG CFP Rankings:

1. Oklahoma 11-1
2. Tennessee 11-1
3. Clemson 11-1
4. Florida State 11-1
5. Wisconsin State 11-1
6. UCLA 11-1
7. Texas A&M 10-2
8. Ohio State 11-1
9. Kansas State 10-2
10. LSU 9-3
11. Alabama 10-2
12. Washington 10-2
13. Nebraska 9-3
14. Western Michigan 12-0
15. Texas 9-3
16. Miami 10-2
17. BYU 9-3
18. West Virginia 10-2
19. Ole Miss 8-4
20. Georgia Tech 9-3
21. Mississippi State 8-4
22. Florida 8-4
23. South Carolina 7-5
24. Boston College 8-4
25. TCU 8-4

Conference Championship Games:

Big Ten: #8 Ohio State 11-1 vs. #5 Wisconsin State 11-1
C-USA: FIU 6-6 vs. Middle Tennessee 9-3
AAC: Louisville 10-2 vs. Navy 6-6
SEC: #2 Tennessee vs. #11 Alabama 10-2
MWC: Utah State 8-4 vs. San Diego State 8-4
Pac-12: #12 Washington vs. #6 UCLA
ACC: #16 Miami vs. #3 Clemson
Big 12: #7 Texas A&M vs. #1 Oklahoma
MAC: Bowling Green 8-3 vs. Western Michigan 12-0


Utopia Football League
Conference Title game results:

Big Ten: #5 Wisconsin State 25, #8 Ohio State 19
C-USA: Middle Tennessee 34, FIU 24
AAC: Louisville 28, Navy 13
SEC: #2 Tennessee 41, #11 Alabama 17
MWC: San Diego State 30, Utah State 0
Pac-12: #12 Washington 28, #6 UCLA 7
ACC/Big East: #16 Miami 49, #3 Clemson 24
Big 8/SWC: #1 Oklahoma 24, #7 Texas A&M 13
MAC: Bowling Green 25, Western Michigan 17

New Year's Six Bowls:

COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF SEMIFINAL AT THE ROSE BOW: #2 Tennessee 12-1 vs. #3 Wisconsin State 12-1

PEACH BOWL: #6 Clemson 11-2 vs. #5 Kansas State 10-2
COTTON BOWL: #10 Texas A&M 10-3 vs. #11 UCLA 11-2
ORANGE BOWL: #7 Miami 11-2 vs. #9 Ohio State 11-2
FIESTA BOWL: #8 Washington 11-2 vs. Louisville 10-3

*Bowling Green really threw a wrench in the NY6 by beating Western Michigan. The Broncos would have had the Fiesta Bowl spot, but since they were not a conference champ, it went to unranked Louisville.

FINAL CFP Rankings:

1. Oklahoma 12-1
2. Tennessee 12-1
3. Wisconsin State 12-1
4. Florida State 11-1
5. Kansas State 10-2
6. Clemson 11-2
7. Miami 11-2
8. Washington 11-2
9. Ohio State 11-2
10. Texas A&M 10-3
11. UCLA 11-2
12. LSU 9-3
13. Alabama 10-3
14. Nebraska 9-3
15. Texas 9-3
16. BYU 9-3
17. West Virginia 10-2
18. Ole Miss 8-4
19. Georgia Tech 9-3
20. Mississippi State 8-4
21. Florida 8-4
22. South Carolina 7-5
23. Boston College 8-4
24. TCU 8-4
25. Western Michigan 12-1


Utopia Football League
Okay...so update post.

We won the national championship! The semifinal vs Tennessee in the Rose Bowl was an all-timer. I played theses games like two years ago, so I don’t remember details, but I remember it coming down to the very end. The national title game I remember never really being in doubt, kind of disappointing to be honest. I did manage to find the pictures I took of the game stats from each game, though.


On to 2041... we were preseason #1 and got BLASTED by #2 Clemson in Houston in one of those kick off games, 55-32, and it wasn’t even that close IIRC. Actually is kind of nice since I felt like it was too Easy to win the title last season. Again these were played in Feb 2018, so it’s been a while. We rebounded the next week with a 24-17 win over #5 Texas, then Beat Cincinnati.

Which finally brings us to me firing this thing back up over the weekend. Beat Purdue to kick off big ten play, 48-10. We got down 10-0, and It was actually close through halftime, and they were driving inside the five to tie the game at 17 in the 3rd quarter, but then threw a 95 yard pick-six and the wheels kinda fell off from there.

So anyway, we sit at 3-1 and ranked #3 despite getting our ass kicked by Clemson who has already lost. Next up is the final game of a four game home stand (only two home games the rest of the way after that), a matchup with #19 Northwestern in a game that could have big implications in the west division race.


Utopia Football League

Basically the most Northwestern game ever. They got out Gaines like crazy, but uglied it up and had a shot at the end. Theirs only TD was a pick six. We scored with 24 seconds left to win it.

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Utopia Football League

Not a good day. I feel the game was closer than the final score shows. The couple of turnovers really killed us.

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Utopia Football League

Nice bounce back in a game we definitely needed to win on the road. Indiana led into the second quarter and kept it within 28-17 at half, but we pulled away in the second half.

Penn State in Kenosha in prime time up next!

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Utopia Football League

This was a game that we dominated, but came down to the wire. We couldn’t convert red zone trips to touchdowns. Four trips, three field goals and a failed 4th down. We also had another failed 4th down in fringe FG range. I guess you take a win any way you can get it vs a ranked team.

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Utopia Football League

Fun game. A bit of a shootout - three combined punts. A less talented Illinois team hung with us the whole game - there were times I thought they might pull off the upset. The two picks - including one on their final drive - sealed their fate.

Cheese State Showdown in Kenosha is up next!

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Utopia Football League

The Porcs improve to 20-13 all time in the Cheese State Showdown! Our defense really dominated and won this game for us. I think we had 5 or 6 sacks. The game wasn’t as close as the score - Wisconsin made a furious fourth quarter comeback that ended when the failed to recover an onside kick.

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Utopia Football League

This game was for the Big Ten West title! Iowa came in 6-2 in conference and we were 6-1, and the winner of this game won the West regardless of future outcomes - a true divisional championship game!

This game was actually very fun. Iowa apparently runs the air raid in my dynasty now (I guess Ferentz retired or got fired), and they moved the ball well. We led throughout, but Iowa got a few stops in the second half and it looked like they might make a run, but it just didn’t work out. For example, we threw a pick, but then they gave it right back with their own interception on the very next play! Just wasn’t their day.

So we will face Ohio State in Indy, a rematch of last years Big Ten title game. The Buckeyes are #1 and have already clinched the East.

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Utopia Football League

This was a weird game, a fun game, and a game in which I was nervous in the 4th quarter against a 3-7 team.

After a shaky start, we really dominated quarters 2 and 3. We didn’t cash in on our red zone trips like we should have, but the Minnesota couldn’t do anything on offense, and the game wasn’t really in doubt.

Until it was. Somehow the Gopher offense came Alive and scored 23 points in the final frame. They three times got to within one score, once with the ball. Luckily MLB Richie Thornton came up with a huge pick to take the heat off, and although Minnesota cut it to 8 again and then 7, their onside kicks failed and we held on for the win.

I’ll have an end of regular season update post before playing the CCGs!

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Utopia Football League
Pre-CCG CFP Rankings:

1. Washington 12-0
2. Ohio State 12-0
3. Texas A&M 12-0
4. LSU 12-0
5. Miami 11-1
6. Clemson 11-1
7. UCLA 11-1
8. Tennessee 11-1
9. Alabama 10-2
10. TCU 10-2
11. Arizona 10-2
12. Wisconsin State 10-2
13. Air Force 11-1
14. Notre Dame 10-2
15. NC State 9-3
16. Florida State 9-3
17. Oregon 9-3
18. Middle Tennessee State 11-1
19. Stanford 8-4
20. Boston College 9-3
21. Iowa 8-4
22. Colorado State 10-2
23. Northwestern 8-4
24. Georgia Tech 7-5
25. Oklahoma 8-4

Conference Championship Matchups:

Big Ten: #1 Ohio State (12-0, 9-0) vs. #12 Wisconsin State (10-2, 8-1)
SEC: #4 LSU (12-0, 9-0) vs. #8 Tennessee (11-1, 8-1)
Pac-12: #1 Washington (12-0, 9-0) vs. #7 UCLA (11-1, 8-1)
ACC/Big East: #5 Miami (11-1, 9-0) vs. #6 Clemson (11-1, 9-0)
Big 8/SWC: #3 Texas A&M (12-0, 9-0) vs. Kansas State (8-4, 7-2)

CUSA: #18 Middle Tennessee State (11-1, 8-1) vs. Old Dominion (9-3, 7-2)
MWC: #13 Air Force (11-1, 7-1) vs. San Diego State (8-4, 6-2)
AAC: Tulane (10-2, 8-1) vs. Navy (8-4, 7-2)
MAC: Bowling Green (8-4, 7-2) vs. Northern Illinois (8-4, 8-1)

If the Top 4 win, the playoff picture is very straight forward. It seems like the SEC and Pac-12 games are "win and in." The ACC/Big East winner has a GREAT shot if any of the top four falter - although Washington may be in regardless - they've already beaten UCLA once and they are in my m ind the far and away choice for #1. They have the best schedule and best wins.

As for Wisconsin State - we are likely Rose Bowl bound regardless. Win, and we go as Big Ten Champ. Lose and Ohio State is in the CFP, and with it being unlikely that we would fall beyond Iowa at #21, especially with the head to head - we're headed for Pasadena.


Utopia Football League

Absolutely heart breaking and brutal. Ohio State dominated the first half. Our QB Chris Ryan was off, throwing two interceptions. Run game was shut down. Luckily Ohio State only got 13 points out of three red zone trips in the first half. Game could have been over at halftime.

Coming out of half, Ryan throws a THIRD pick, but again the defense stiffens, forcing a field goal inside the 10. 16-3, still a two score game. Offense gets back to bread and butter - the run game, adding a field goal to make it 16-6 going to the fourth quarter.

The offense finally breaks through in the fourth quarter with a nice long drive capped off by a Brandon Calhoun TD run. The defense does its job and Ohio State’s four minute offense can’t kill the clock. Buckeyes punt and we get the ball back. We have a first and goal with around 20 seconds left. We throw a completion down to the one yard line and call timeout with around 12 seconds left. It was our last time out. Okay, so a shot (maybe two) at the end zone, then FG. Can’t run the ball because no timeouts.

Then Chris Ryan did the one thing he couldn’t do. He took a sack. I somehow wasn’t sure how to spike the ball, so I get up and just run whatever hurry up play I can - it’s a run - and Kyle Paris is tackled at the two yard line. Time runs out, and Ohio State wins the game and goes to the CFP. Wow, what an ending. At the end of the day, though, you can’t throw three picks against the elite teams and expect to win.

Texas A&M and LSU also won.
UCLA beat Washington. It’s going to be VERY close for the final spot. UCLA and Washington both have one loss - to each other. UCLA has the conference title, but Washington won on the road while UCLA won on a neutral field.

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Utopia Football League
Final CFP Rankings:

1. Ohio State 13-0
2. LSU 13-0
3. Texas A&M 13-0
4. UCLA 12-1
5. Washington 12-1
6. Clemson 12-1
7. Tennessee 11-2
8. Miami 11-2
9. Alabama 10-2
10. Arizona 10-2
11. AIr Force 12-1
12. TCU 10-2
13. Wisconsin State 10-3
14. Notre Dame 10-2
15. Middle Tennessee State 12-1
16. NC State 9-3
17. Florida State 9-3
18. Oregon 9-3
19. Stanford 8-4
20. Boston College 9-3
21. Iowa 8-4
22. Colorado State 10-2
23. Northwestern 8-4
24. Georgia Tech 7-5
25. Oklahoma 8-4

It was tough, but at the end of the day, the Pac-12 championship carried the day for UCLA vs. Washington.

New Year's Six Bowl Games;

December 31
1:00 PM Peach Bowl: #8 Miami 11-2 vs. #9 Alabama 10-2
5:00 PM Fiesta Bowl: #10 Arizona 10-2 vs. #11 Air Force 12-1
9:00 PM Sugar Bowl: #6 Clemson 12-1 vs. #7 Tennessee 11-2

January 1
1:00 PM Cotton Bowl CFP SEMIFINAL: #1 Ohio State 13-0 vs. #4 UCLA 12-1
5:00 PM Rose Bowl: #5 Washington 12-1 vs. #13 Wisconsin State 10-3
9:00 PM Orange Bowl CFP SEMIFINAL: #2 LSU 13-0 vs. #3 Texas A&M 13-0


Utopia Football League
The Rose Bowl Game
#5 Washington (12-1) vs. #13 Wisconsin State (10-3)
January 1, 2042
Pasadena, CA

First Quarter
The Huskies could not have asked for a better start, as Porcupine QB Chris Ryan's struggles continued from December's Big Ten Championship. Ryan was intercepted on the first play of the game, setting Washington up on the Porc 23 yard line. Luckily for Wisconsin State, the defense picked up where it left off in the second half the Big Ten Championship as well, and the Huskies were forced to settle for a field goal, thanks largely in part to a Ted Bryant sack of Washington QB Jake Browning. Washington 3, Wisconsin State 0, 6:43 1Q

Ryan shook off the nightmare start, and proceeded to go 4/5 on the ensuring Porc possession, which ended in a 44 yard field goal off the right foot of Groza Award winner Jonathan Luke. Washington 3, Wisconsin State 3, 3:13 1Q

Myles Gaskin got the Husky offense moving for the first time in the game, rushing for 51 yards on three carries, setting up a six yard TD pass from Browning to John Ross III to put Washington back on top. Washington 10, Wisconsin State 3, 1:43 1Q

Second Quarter
After trading punts Wisconsin State was on the march again, but after completions of 16 and 21 yards to go along with a 14 yard run by RB Kyle Paris to set the Porcs up in the red zone, Ryan was sacked for a 13 yard loss, and the drive stalled, ending in a 37 yard filed goal attempt by Luke, which was missed off the left upright.

Washington took advantage, and Gaskin picked up where he left off in the first quarter, torching the Porc defense for 41 yards on the very next play. Once again, the Porcupine defense held on in the red zone, forcing another Washington field goal, this one from 32 yards. Washington 13, Wisconsin State 3, 1:51 2Q

Ryan responded for the Porcs with rushes of 11 and 17 yards on the ensuing drive, but was bit with his second pick of the day, this one in Husky territory, ending the threat for points before halftime. Washington was able to move the ball across mid field, but missed a 56 yard filed goal, and we went to halftime with Washington leading 13-3.

Third Quarter
The Porc defense came out ready to play in the second half, forcing a very quick three and out. After a rush of 4 yards for Paris, Ryan picked up 10 more to move into Husky territory before hitting Bo Morse for 14 more down to the Husky 34. On the next play, Ryan continued his hot streak, hitting Ron Bonds on a corner route for a touchdown, which seemed to turn the momentum of the game a bit. Washington 13, Wisconsin State 10, 6:16 3Q

The Porc defense continued their second half dominance with another three and out, and thanks largely to Bonds adding another 23 yard catch on the ensuing drive, Wisconsin State tied the game with a 26 yard field goal, despite not being able to punch it into the endzone as runs by Paris and Brandon Calhoun from inside the five yard line were stopped for no gain. Washington 13, Wisconsin State 13, 3:15 3Q

Gaskin continued his big day on the ground, picking up a first down, but that would be all for the Huskies as they'd punt for the third time in the quarter. Another 24 yard run by Paris helped put Wisconsin State in Husky territory as the quarter ended.

Fourth Quarter
The Porcs would again move inside the 15 yard line, but again would have to settle for three. Wisconsin State took its first lead of the game on a 30 yard filed goal by Luke, but Washington was hanging around in a game that, despite trailing by ten in the first quarter, Wisconsin State could easily be leading by multiple scores. Wisconsin State 16, Washington 13, 6:36 4Q.

The Porc defense forced their fourth straight punt, giving the ball back to the offense. Kyle Paris continued one of his best days ever as a Porcupine as the Senior tore off 43 more yards, setting up an eventual pass from Ryan to Morse for a 12 yard score. Wisconsin State 23, Washington 13, 4:51 4Q.

Washington drove down as Browning finally found his arm again going 4/6 while Gaskin chipped in 25 more yards, but a Derrik O'Brien sack on fourth down in the red zone ended Washington's hopes.

FINAL: #13 Wisconsin State 23, #5 Washington 13


Utopia Football League
Final Rose Bowl Stats and a bit of a photo gallery

Washington intercepts Chris Ryan on the first snap of the game:

TD pass in the third quarter that changed the momentum:

Kyle Paris breaks free for 43 yards in the 4th:

The sack to seal the Rose Bowl win:

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Utopia Football League
New Years' Six Game Results:

Peach Bowl: #9 Alabama 33, #8 Miami 30 (2 OT)
Fiesta Bowl: #10 Arizona 31, #11 Air Force 17
Sugar Bowl: #6 Clemson 27, #7 Tennessee 7
Rose Bowl: #13 Wisconsin State 23, #5 Washington 13

Cotton Bowl (CFP SEMIFINAL): #1 Ohio State 28, #4 UCLA 21
Orange Bowl (CFP SEMIFINAL) #2 LSU 38, #3 Texas A&M 12

CFP NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: #2 LSU 41, #1 Ohio State 38 (4 OT)

Four overtimes in the national championship! What a crazy way to end the season! Another fun little not is there were four completely new playoff teams this year - all four from last year's CFP (Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wisconsin State and Florida State) failed to qualify for this year's playoff and OU and FSU were out of the New Years' Six all together.

First post will be updated shortly!


Utopia Football League
Wisconsin State Porcupines 2042 Football Preview

Coach James Brutus may have the most talent he's had during his time in Kenosha on this roster, which is saying quite a bit considering all he's done is go 46-10 in his four years with the Porcupines, including winning the College Football Playoff National championship two years ago in 2040. There are question marks, yes, including the quarterback room where the starter projects to be a guy who has thrown one career college pass - but the talent around him should provide for a smooth transition to starter.

As eluded to above, fourth-year Junior Michael Hyatt (95) has thrown all of one pass and projects to be the starter. It's rare this day and age to see a quarterback as highly regarded as Hyatt was coming out of high school (a four-star product out of Michigan) stick around this long without winning a starting job, but Hyatt will finally get his day after Chris Ryan declared for the NFL draft with a year of eligibility left and was taken in the third round.

Sophomore Calvin Upshaw (89) is another example of a highly rated prospect. Upshaw carried a five-star rating coming out of Louisiana and is projected to serve as the backup. Redshirt Fresman Marquez Glover (80) will add depth. The departure of freshman Christian Daniels to transfer opened up a spot in the quarterback room. Daniels' transfer seemed to catch the porcupine staff off guard, as Brendon Lewis (76) signed in the late signing period and was not on the recruiting radar until after Daniels announced his transfer.

Running Back
Wisconsin State produced two 1,000 yard rushers as part of last year's 11-3 team that won the Rose Bowl. One of those was departed senior Kyle Paris. The other, rising senior Brandon Calhoun (94) returns and figures to have the "thunder" role in the backfield once again. The "lightning" part will be played by Sophomore Eric Capps (92). Redshirt Freshman TJ Pledger (80) will be the third running back, although word around the campfire is he isn't progressing as well as the coaches had hoped - though it likely won't be enough for either of true freshmen Tank Bigsby (77) or CJ Beasley (75) to have their redshirts pulled, barring injury

The Porcs lost their top two receivers off last year's team in Todd Ballew (Senior) and Bo Morse (Junior, NFL draft). That opened up a spot for Junior Mike O'Neal (86) to potentially become the #1 receiver for 2042. Although he's the fastest receiver in the group, he seems to have been passed up on the depth chart by Seniors Ron Bonds (91) and Cole Newell (87). O'Neal will likely play the third receiver fiddle similar to 2041, which is a little disappointing considering the high hopes that many had for him to be a true deep threat.

Sophomores Nick Marder (83) and Kam'Ron Mays-Hunt (79) will see the filed in four- and five-receiver sets. Redshirt Freshmen Wooby Theork (77) and Josh Fleeks (76) provide the depth here while true freshman Kieron Reynolds (77) will likely redshirt.

The missing piece in this group is the true blow the top off the defense deep threat, which Wisconsin State does not have. Look for that to be addressed in recruiting this year, especially with two seniors at the top of the depth chart.

Tight End
Returning starter Junior William Johnson (80) seems to have lost his spot here. The fall could be for multiple reasons - Sophomore Darrell Fields (84) may be developed enough to overcome him, or perhaps the whispers we've heard about using the tight ends more in the passing game are more than just a rumor - Fields is a much better receiver than Johnson. Regardless of the reasoning, Sophomore Chase Brown (84) appears to have also passed up Johnson and will slot in as the #2 tight end.

Offensive Line
This may be one of the strongest O-Line units in the country. Senior Kyle Carlson (99) anchors this unit from the center spot. He is probably the best Center in the country, and should be the favorite to win the Rimington this year. As crazy as it sounds, two players who entered the program as centers (and could one very well move back to center next year upon Carlson's departure) will start at the two tackle spots: Junior Kenny Bryant (90) and Senior Derek Jones (90). It's not uncommon for a center to flex out to a guard, but playing tackle is a whole different animal - it really goes to show you just how athletic the offensive linemen that James Brutus recruits are. The guard spots will be filled by Junior Kyle Montgomery (89) and Senior Toby Moore (94).

The backups across the line provide very quality depth as well. Senior Clay Carter (87) and Junior Greg Smins (89) would start at tackle for most programs in the Big Ten. The same could be said for Seniors Terrell Paxton (88) and Xavier Powell (86) at guard. It really is an embarrassment of riches.

Sophomore Josh Headlee (82) and Redshirt Freshman Michael Remondet (80) provide depth at tackle, along with senior Isaiah Scott (85). True freshman Everett Johnson (60) will redshirt as a huge development project and likely won't see the field any time soon. Sophomore Thomas Davis (75) is a reserve at guard, and true freshman Austin Collins (75), while loaded with upside, will redshirt due to the great depth in front of him.

Defensive End
The graduation of all-time school sack leader Jordan Buckley and the early entry into the NFL draft of his counterpart Ted Bryant has paved the way for Sophomore Tommy Johnson (90) and Junior Terrell Richardson (88) to step into starting roles. They will be back up by a lot of promising youth, including Sophomore Shannon Carswell (81), Redshirt Freshmen Brandon Nettles (78) and David Nwaogwugwu (76) and true freshmanRobert Wooten (77), though Wooten will likely take a redshirt.

Defensive Tackle
Senior Ted Bryant (93) and Junior Terrance Stephens (91) return as veteran starters for this unit. Top Reserve from 2041 Derrick O'Brien (who famously secured the Rose Bowl winning sack against Washington back in January) has decided to grad transfer in hopes of a starting role for his final year of eligibility. This means Senior Mike Jones (83) will finally see significant playing time. Redshirt Fresman Emeka Jilliani (77) is the depth and true freshman Michael Reese (76) will redshirt.

Wisconsin State returns - count them - zero natural inside linebackers after the graduation of Richie Thornton and Brian Heinz and Elijah Shelton's decision to transfer out of the program. The Porcupines did sign four true-freshman middle linebackers in Tirek Austin-Cave (80), Devonte Smith (76) , Alec Mock (74), and Stefon Thompson (61). Mock and Thompson will almost certainly redshirt. I know the coaches are extremely high on Austin-Cave and Smith, and those two will certainly play - at least on special teams - but the decision was made to slide Senior outside linebacker Kyle McCauley (83) into the starting spot in the middle for one season to give those young guns time to grow into the role.

Sohpmore Jeremy Brown (83) will start at one outside spot while fellow sophomore Xavier Small (91) anchors the other. True freshman Jacob Mitchell (82) is an extremely talented player and may see playing time at all three linebacker positions this year. Redshirt Freshman Evan Tattersall (68) does not appear to be progressing as hoped thus far and true freshamn Damien Sellers (65) will redshirt.

Draft eligible sophomore Mike Thompson opted to forego two years of eligibility and enter the NFL draft, and with senior Adam Fisher graduating, Junior Mario Chambers (93) will move outside from his Nickel spot and be the #1 corner this year. He will be joined in the starting lineup by fellow junior Imani Partlow (92) while the more physical Senior Justin Burke (92) will man the Nickel spot.

Burke's older brother, fifth-year senior Cole Burke (88) figures to be the dime back. Junior Chris Merriman (85) provides depth, and the staff hopes to redshirt true freshmen Jaden Williams (77) and Dabari Hawkins (67)

Consensus All-American Junior Kyle Carlson (96) returns to anchor the secondary, while Sophomore Clint Outlaw (81) will step into the other role. Sophomore Tyreke Johnson (78) will back up both spots, and the plan (as of right now) is to redshirt True Freshman Keshawn Lawrence (68). The lack of depth here is certainly an issue, and it wouldn't surprise me for one of the cornerbacks to reprise a role as a safety should injury strike.

Groza winner Jonathan Luke (98) returns for his senior season and is about the best there is. Redshirt Freshman Jarrod Graham (82) will do the punting.

Sept. 5 - Kent State
Sept 12 - @Florida State
Sept. 19 - San Diego State
Sept. 26 - @Penn State
Oct. 3 - @Northwestern
Oct. 10 - Ohio State
Oct. 17 - Indiana
Oct. 24 - @Purdue
Oct. 31 - Illinois
Nov. 7 @Wisconsin
Nov. 17 - Iowa
Nov. 21 - Minnesota

The Porcs open up with a traditional "paycheck game" as Kent State (81), picked to finish last in the MAC East comes to town. It's a good thing Wisconsin State starts with an easy one, because the next one is a Doozy. Wisconsin State famously beat Florida State at Doak Campbell in 2017 as a signature victory that seemed to cement the arrival of the program. The Noles won a rematch in the Orange Bowl. The rubber match comes 25 years later - these two haven't met since - and this year's Florida State (99) team is one of their best in recent memory - including the squad that made the College Football Playoff in 2040. Wisconsin State better not be hung over after that one, because San Diego State (86) is one of the best teams in the Mountain West.

Conference play doesn't exactly start off easy as Wisconsin State has to travel to Happy Valley to face Penn State (93), who is picked to finish second on the East. That's followed up by a roadtrip to west division second choice (behind Wisconsin State) Northwestern (90) before the conference home opener against defending conference champion and National Title game participant Ohio State (99). If Wisconsin State walks away from that stretch 2-1, they should be pleased.

Things lighten up a bit after that with games against Indiana (86) and at Purdue (86) before returning home to face an Illinois (90) team that should be much improved from a year ago.

Wisconsin State goes to Madison this year for the Cheese State Showdown against Wisconsin (91) in a throw-out-the-records game before a deceptively tough finish at home against Iowa (91) and Minnesota (88).

There are no free lunches in the Big Ten, but even if Florida State gets a win in Tallahassee, the Porcupines have no reason to not be in Indianapolis for playing in their fifth big ten title game in six years. Having said that, if they get off to a slow start in conference play due to a very tough three game stretch at the beginning, all bets are off especially with the Cheese State Showdown being in Madison, where the Porcupines have lost two of the last three (and the one win was in overtime).


Utopia Football League
House Rules going forward...some are new, some are old:


Winning on the field is one of the biggest factors in recruiting in real life, so I’ve place restrictions on recruiting players based on my program prestige.

  • Home State (Wisconsin): I can recruit at my program prestige +2. For example, if I am a two-star program, I can recruit up to four-star recruits in Wisconsin.
  • Border States (Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Canada – not technically a border, but it’s across the lake): Can recruit at program prestige +1
  • Conference Footprint (Modified Big Ten; Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania) can recruit at program prestige level
  • Nationally (All other states): Can recruit at program prestige -1
  • No set number of recruits I can take, but I will cut random players if I have oversigned (this could be a new recruit or my star QB – it’s random – see discussion on roster management below)

Roster Management
  • Cannot talk players intending to transfer into staying, no matter what.
  • Cannot talk players intending to declare for the draft into staying, no matter what.
  • Every year, a minimum of two (2) players will be selected at random and cut from the roster. These can be new recruits or veterans. This is in line with natural attrition that programs face. These can be deemed to be additional players entering the draft if they’re good, new recruits who didn’t qualify, additional transfers, guys who get kicked off the team for disciplinary reasons, etc. Yes, that means if my Heisman winning QB happens to be randomly selected, HE GONE. He got caught dealing dope! This keeps things fresh and interesting. If, after offseason recruiting, the roster has more than 72 players, I will use this process to cut down to 70 players, but a minimum of two players will be cut regardless, even if the roster is at 70 or fewer players after recruiting.
  • Player Names – I will use names of real life recruits to generate player names. This gives me realistic player names. I randomly select a player from each recruit’s position in 247’s database for the current year (I used the 2020 class for my newest freshmen) and assign that name to that recruit. I’ll go through multiple classes on there.
Player Progression
  • Twelve (12) players on the roster will be randomly selected and have their OVR reduced by a randomly generated value between 1 and 10.
  • Three (3) players on the roster will be randomly selected and have their OVR increased by a randomly generated value between 1 and 10.

  • I will generate a random number 1-20 at halftime of every game. If the result is 1-4, that means two players have been injured. If the result is 5-10, that means one player has been injured. If it’s 10-20, no players have been injured. I will randomly select the player next, and roll another random number from zero to [number of weeks remaining in the season]. The player is out that many weeks (0 means he’s out only for the rest of the game). This way, I don’t know the injuries in advance.

  • 8 minute quarters
  • J-Kits with Modifications (to nerf the user run game – I run a shotgun spread offense, and running out of it is too easy sometimes).
  • All Game Adjustments set to balanced – exception is chew the clock in limited circumstances – see below.
  • In-Game Offense
    • No more than five combined read options or designed QB runs per half, with a maximum of two coming on the same drive. No more than three zone reads per half, and no more than one zone read per drive.
    • I try not to call the same place twice on the same drive. This is not a hard and fast rule, but I try to abide by it. Sometimes I forget what I’ve already called on the drive.
    • No audibles – the call we played is the call we run, unless we want to burn a timeout.
  • Chew the clock permitted:
    • Inside the last two minutes of each half.
    • In the third quarter when leading by 35+
    • In the fourth quarter when leading by 28+
    • I try to snap the ball with :16 or more left on the play clock otherwise to get a realistic number of plays. This doesn’t always happen if I’m taking a longer time to get a play call in, but I try to abide by it.
  • In-Game Defense
    • I cannot user any defender (so I’m playing coach mode essentially) until:
      • Pass play: the QB has thrown the ball
      • Run play: the ball carrier has crossed the line of scrimmage (obviously this isn’t perfect because sometimes it’s hard to know when the ball carrier crosses the line, but I try to be honest).
        • Exception: The opponent is inside my five yard line (I feel like it’s impossible to stop CPU run game inside the five if you don’t user the defensive line).
    • Can only run a QB Spy on third down
  • In-Game Special Teams
    • Fair catch all punts unless trailing in the 4th quarter
    • Kneel all kick offs in the endzone unless trailing in the 4th quarter


Utopia Football League

If you’re interested. I also have a thread going over on OS. There is an active dynasty community over there, and the one here died years ago. So any future updates will come in the YouTube channel or in the OS thread.

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Utopia Football League
2043 Wisconsin State Preview

The departure of graduate transfer Michael Hyatt leaves zero doubt - Calvin Upshaw is the starter in 2043 and 2044 (should he return for his senior season). While Hyatt's departure was expected, the loss of rising sophomore Marquez Glover to Eastern Michigan was somewhat surprising. Glover likely had a leg up in the back-up QB race before transferring, but now-a-days kids want to start right away, since the advent of the transfer portal, this type of thing is becoming more and more common, especially with quarterbacks.

Glover's departure is good news for Redshirt Freshman Brendon Lewis, who will assume the backup role. Eli Stowers will take a redshirt - and his future with the program
is murky. He doesn't fit the typical James Brutus mold of ultra-athletic quarterback, but is a fairly polished passer for a true freshman. Stowers was a very late addition to the class, particularly for a quarterback, only being offered a spot once it became clear that Hyatt would likely transfer - so he may not have exactly been the ideal prospect, but coach Brutus & Co. needed another body in the QB room.

Speaking of bodies in the QB room, backup safety Tyreke Johnson will be the emergency QB in order to preserve Stowers' redshirt. The junior hasn't taken a snap under center in over three years since high school, but does at least have experience at the position at that level. Should Upshaw and Lewis miss any extended amount of time, expect for Stowers to burn the 'shirt - but in a one or two game situation, you would likely see Johnson at quarterback.

I've mentioned it before, but I can't wait for Eric Capps, TJ Pledger, and true freshman Chris Phillips to all be on the field at the same time. New offensive coordinator Doug Ruse will have his fingerprints all over a tweaked offensive scheme that will convert the flexbone concepts he used as Nevada's OC into the pistol formation at Wisconsin State - including getting these three speed demons all on the field at once.

In addition to being used in the backfield, Phillips will likely see a number of snaps from the slot this season, as his pass-catching skills are elite for a true freshman running back. He will be a true all-purpose player like Rondale Moore at Purdue or Wan'Dale Robinson at Nebraska.

Tank Bigsby and CJ Beasley haven't seemed to find their place in the offense yet. Both are more powerful runners, and could see a short-yardage or goal line role in the future, but with Capps' versatility, I don't see that happening in 2043.

Mike O'Neal is about as good of a WR as anyone could ask for. He's versatile enough to play both inside and outside, and his 99 catch rating to go along with 94 speed makes him a threat no matter where he lines up. Him and junior 6'5" junior Nick Marder may never leave the field this year for the Porcupines - expect Marder to play more on the outside this year, and O'Neal in the slot at times.

After the top two, there four other receivers who will see plenty of snaps. Leading the way out of that group is true freshman Jaden Bradley. Bradley was the number one priority recruit in the 2043 recruiting class, and now we can see why. He's 6'5" with 93 speed, 89 catching, 93 route running, and 93 jumping. That's unheard of, especially for a freshman. I myself couldn't figure out how he was only a 76 overall until I realized his spectacular catch and catch in traffic are both in the 60s...and that's OK with me. He's going to have the most formations behind O'Neal and Marder.

Sophomore Josh Fleeks and true freshman Brian Thomas, Jr. have very similar skill sets, and will both see plenty of snaps and targets this season. Their blend of speed and "soft skills" make them pretty interchangeable in the offense, which is good for depth.

Kam'Ron Mays-Hunt is more of a possession receiver, and will be used as such. He may not be on the field as much as the other guys, but will be crucial in the redzone and short-yardage situations when the Porcs want to throw. True freshman Justin Franklin is another possession type guy, but due to Mays-Hunt filling that role this season, Franklin will redshirt.

Wooby Theork has been passed up by a huge influx of young talent, as discussed above. The highly touted Lewis Bond, the nation's #4 overall recruit in the class of 2043 does not appear to be living up to the hype - at least not yet - as Bond will be taking a redshirt this season.

It's old faithful for Wisconsin State at tight end this year. The top three tight ends from 2042 return for 2043. Darrell Fields was finally utilized in the passing game the way he should be last year, catching 30 balls. We expect that number may not tick up this year due to the talent at WR, but he will get his fair share. Chase Brown holds down the number two spot, while 2041 starter William Johnson will likely be used in a reserve role again. True freshman Jaggar Hebeisen has quite the impressive skill set as a receiver, but due to the depth in front of him will redshirt in 2043.

The offensive line this season is certainly talented, but it is certainly not deep. There are seven guys that the coaches feel comfortable putting into a game - so let's hope the injury bug doesn't hit the OL.

Kyle Montgomery and Greg Sims are two senior leaders who are All-Conference to All-American type players who are clearly to top two players on the line. True Freshman Aaryn Parks will start at the other guard spot - something that's incredibly tough for a true freshman to do in the Big Ten. His spot will certainly be one to watch going forward. Josh Headlee will be a first-time starter at right tackle, and Michael Remondet will slide inside to center, marking the second season in a row that a natural tackle will start at center for the Porcs.

Thomas Davis and Austin Collins will essentially back up every spot - and lets pray we don't have to go further down the depth chart than that this year. Carson Briggs, Joseph Amos, Connor Colby, Mao Glynn, George Miki-Han and Ivan Shultz may be solid players down the line, but none of them are ready to play at this level yet - especialliy not in the physically demanding Big Ten. Everett Johnson was a project from the time he entered the program, and doesn't appear to be panning out at this point.

Much like the offensive line, the defensive line has two senior leaders that are likely to take home all-conference honors this season in Terrell Richardson and Terrance Stephens. Stephens was over-shadowed a bit the past couple of years by Ted Bryant, but now that Bryant as graduated, the D-Line spotlight is all his. Shannon Carswell starts at the other end spot, and Emeka Jilliani has won the other tackle job.

Unlike some other spots, quality depth abounds on the D-Line with Brandon Nettles and David Nwaogwugwu providing solid options at DE, and Michael Reese and ture freshman Tylon Dunlap doing the same at DT. Expect those four to see plenty of playing time. Robert Wooten, Jeremiah Pittman, and Carson Bruno still need time to develop - and the latter two will take redshirts to help them get there.

Xavier Small returns as the leader of this linebacker group. Jeremy Brown had a great season in 2042, but a knee injury during spring practice appears to have set him back a bit - which is disappointing. Having said that, it does appear that he's still locked up the other starting linebacker spot. The transfer of Tirek Austin-Cave to Kansas State leaves a little to be desired depth-wise on the outside, but Jaydon Williams and Damien Sellers will have to do - although the hope is that both will get another year to develop before being forced into an extended playing time. Evan Tattersall is another project guy who hasn't developed into a Big Ten caliber player yet.

In the middle, Jacob Mitchell leads the way. Mitchell was forced into a starting role for about half the season last year when Kyle McCauley was sidelined with an injury. Mitchell really shined as a true freshman, and has huge expectations in 2043 as the full time starter. His speed makes him a huge asset at LB. Devonte Smith and Alec Mock are capable back-ups, though Stefon Thompson still needs time to develop.

In the secondary, Jaden Williams has been the talk of spring ball and fall camp. The redshirt freshman has made huge strides, and from all reports is on the verge of breaking out as a super star - before he's even played one college snap. Mario Chambers suffered a shoulder injury in the spring, and Williams took full advantage, cementing his spot in the starting lineup, and pushing Chambers down to the nickel role. We'll see if the hype on Williams is real. Chris Merriman will be the other starting CB.

True freshman Jalen Cheek will be asked to be the dime cornerback this year - so expect him to be on the field plenty. Dabari Hawkins will be the firth corner, and the hope is that Kalen King and Rishad Hence will be able to redshirt.

All-American Kyle Carlson appears to be 100% recovered from the injury that forced him to miss time towards the end of 2042 - he's ready to go for a senior campaign. To be quite honest, if not for the injury causing concerns with NFL front offices, he may already be playing on Sundays. While Tyreke Johnson isn't in the QB room preparing for an emergency, he'll be the backup free safety.

Junior Clint Outlaw makes it 2/2 on returning starters at the safety spots. Freshmen Xamarion Gordon and Keshawn Lawrence provide depth here, but both may lack the speed to ever see significant playing time in the secondary - time will tell.

True freshman Mitch Jeter will have some....interesting....shoes to fill in 2043. On one hand, Jonathan Luke won the Groza award in 2041. On the other hand, Luke's struggles down the stretch in 2042 were a big reason the Porcs didn't play for a Big Ten title. Let's hope that Jeter is more consistent.

Jarrod Graham returns as the punter. He's solid.

*Little note here, I'm switching to Tuscaloosa's kicking system for this season. I've messed around with it in practice, and like how it brings skill back into kicking and brings variability to the kicking game. Big shout out to Young for that one!


Utopia Football League
Final 2043 Schedule, and future scheduling news

The 2043 Schedule is Below:

In addition to the above, the Porcupines also finalized the 2044 and 2045 non-conference schedules. As announced last year, Wisconsin State will visit USC in 2044, with the Trojans paying a return visit to Kenosha in 2045. Today, the Porcupines announced that Utah State and Cincinnati will visit Kenosha in 2044, with Ohio and Louisiana Tech coming to Lucakdo Stadium in 2045.

Finally, in perhaps the biggest piece of news of the day, Wisconsin State announced a home-and-home series with Texas A&M in 2046 and 2047. The Aggies will host Wisconsin State in 2046, with A&M returning the trip 2047. That makes the known future non-conference games for Wisconsin State as follows:

Utah State

Louisiana Tech

@Texas A&M

Texas A&M


Utopia Football League
Week 1 Preview

UTSA Roadrunners (0-0) @ Wisconsin State Porcupines (0-0)
September 3, 2043 - 8:00 PM
TV: BTN - Line: Wisconsin State -17.5


There is not really a ton to say about this matchup - the Roadrunners are completely outmanned in this one, and the UTSA front 7 against the Porcupine offensive line appears to be the biggest mismatch on this side of the ball. The UTSA secondary is actually somewhat respectable - unfortunately for the roadrunners, Wisconsin State's bread and butter is the running game. Look for Wisconsin State to take advantage of the mismatch upfront and the three headed monster of Eric Capps, TJ Pledger and Chris Phillips to do lots of work on the ground.

Oh, and insert "Solomon Wise" joke here.


Unfortunately for the Roadrunners, it doesn't get much better when they have the ball. The one thing UTSA has going for them, though, is freshman Jaden Williams will be making his first career start at corner. The "anointed one" will certainly get tested against Alex Grinch's air raid offense, but I don't think UTSA has the skill to do quite enough damage in this one to pull the upset off.

One other thing to watch for is UTSA QB Jaylon Henderson - he can move around back there, and Wisconsin State has historically had trouble against running QBs. If the Roadrunners are going to have any shot at an upset, Henderson will have to do some damage with his legs.

Score Prediction: Wisconsin State 38, UTSA 14


Utopia Football League
Pair of Porcupine Starters out for Season

Some really bad news came out of the Luckado Sports complex this morning as Wisconsin State head coach James Brutus announced that two offensive starters would miss the remainder of the season due to injuries. Junior tight end Darrell Fields will be out with a torn shoulder, and Senior Offensive Guard Kyle Montgomery will be sidelined with a fractured vertebrae. Both were injured in the season opener against UTSA on Saturday.

Montgomery is a huge blow for an offensive line that, while talented, was already incredibly thin. The senior was an all-Big Ten and all-American candidate, and now sees his season end and his NFL hopes come into question. Redshirt Freshman Austin Collins will step into the starting role at right guard - and while Collins is a talented kid with lots of upside, Montgomery is one of those guys that's going to be incredibly tough to replace.

The loss of Fields removes a dimension from the Porcupine passing game. Fellow junior Chase Brown is a suitable replacement, and is actually a better blocker than Fields, but Fields' speed and route running ability made him a big threat in the passing game as well, and without that element even more pressure will be placed on freshman wide receivers Jaden Bradley and Brian Thomas, Jr. to be productive in the passing game.

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Utopia Football League
Week 2, 2043 Preview

#2 Florida State Seminoles (1-0) @ Wisconsin State Porcupines (1-0)
September 10, 2043 - 8:00 PM
TV: FOX - Line: Florida State -9.5

The Seminoles have really good speed at the skill positions. Malik Henry is a mobile quarterback, and this Wisconsin State defense has historically struggled mightily vs. running quarterbacks. Even the UTSA signal callers were able to do damage on the ground last week, so that's something to look for here. Amir Rasul is a blazer with 99 speed and 98 acceleration - if he can consistently get to the second level, it might be a long day. The Porcupine linebacker corps have gotten faster, but they can't hang with that kind of speed. George Campbell is the deep threat for FSU, and I expect Wisconsin State to keep Chris Merriman on him most of the night, and let redshirt freshman Jaden Williams deal with the not as fast Keith Gavin. Mario Chambers in the nickel spot (not pictured in the lineup above) matches up well with Chris Browning.

Where I think Wisconsin state actually might have an edge here is up front. The Seminoles start a true freshman at left tackle, and don't be surprised to see Terrell Richardson flip to that side at times to take advantage of a bit of a mismatch. Terrence Stephens also has a good matchup against the ride side of the FSU O-Line. It might take a little plus pressure, but a key to the game will be getting pressure with that defensive front and throwing Henry off his rhythm - and the Porcs may have a favorable matchup to do so.

The Porcs first game without Kyle Montgomery poses a matchup problem for redshirt freshman Austin Collins, who is making his first career start in place of Montgomery who is out for the year with a fractured vertebrae. It's the one true mismatch up front when the Porcs have the ball, so expect Darvin Taylor III to play a big role in this one. On the other hand, the Porcs matchup well against the left side of the line, so look for them to maybe exploit some mis-matches with some very intentional play calling there. The linebackers are solid, but not elite, so you hope the Porcupines can pick their spots in the run game and maybe catch an edge there.

The secondary for FSU is talented - look for the Porcs to rely on the more veteran guys like Mike O'Neal and Nick Marder, with the freshmen being used in a more sparing role than last week against UTSA.

Score Prediction: I think that Wisconsin State's offense will hold their own pretty well in this one, and the defense will do enough to keep it close. In the end, though, I think the team speed of the Seminoles will be the differences. Wisconsin State will cover, but they're not quite ready to be back to competing with the elite of the elite in college football. #2 Florida State 34, Wisconsin State 27