Madden 17 same ole shit


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looks like one of those tennis players whose main arm is twice the size of the weaker one lol

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Honestly the game is FUN right now... low bar I know

Yall probably don't know about it but they ruined the game more with these NBA Jam On Fire abilities. Normally, you would activate this by doing some heroic act like scoring 3 TDs and rushing for 300 yds. So it was not originally intended to happen often. That changed in MUT. Certain players like Derrick Henry can even start the game on fire so they can't be tackled. At this point in the game cycle, those players aren't available, so they haven't broken the game just yet. When they do, I will uninstall.


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Couldn't care less about Madden. I just know my excitement for another college football game is dampened by knowing these shit for brains are developing it


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Is that CFB game ever coming out?
I don’t know why they just won’t put randomized players on each team, and then let you edit the rosters. Then you don’t have to worry about paying players at all for their likeness.

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This is one of those things that seems extremely simple to accomplish and yet we have had decades of footbaw games and it’s never been implemented lol.