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2018 PAC-12 Thread


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I read, I think it was Wilner who said yesterday that UCLA is a trap game for OU between Florida Atlantic and Iowa State and I almost spit out my drink.

What times we are living in, bros..


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picked up a Athlon's mag over the weekend.

can't remember such poor returning wr's...even during the dorrell era.

thank god for the incoming class


So as expected, JT Daniels - the true freshman who really ought to be a high school senior - will start at QB for USC.


True freshmen in general are liabilities in major-college programs. Even if they're athletic freaks, they usually don't have the requisite experience to be highly successful.

By most accounts I've read, Daniels IS a freak athlete, and supposedly has an incredibly "high football IQ." (read: white, Southern Orange County). His birthday is February 2, 2000, which to me says he actually *should* be a college freshman, as most kids born in the year 2000 would be in the high school class of 2018, and thus enroll as a college freshman in the fall of 2018. So - looks like Daniels was another one of those who got held back for athletic reasons (maybe).

Regardless, Daniels is the latest in a long line of players from Mater Dei HS, which includes Matt Leinart and Matt Barkely, and also Matt Grootegoed. Daniels, whose name is not Matt, is thus destined to fail.

Srs - I saw several of this guy's games in HS, and yeah, he looks like he has the goods. OTOH, many HS hotshots look awesome when they're in HS.

What I did notice, though, is that he has that athleticism that's apparent, not when he's throwing the ball or making a run, but rather, when he's hit or otherwise in an awkward position. Almost all these guys look great making an acrobatic catch, run, or throwing a long bomb or a dart over the middle into a tight space. Where they don't often look great, however, is when they're forced to improvise, when the play breaks down and they have to make stuff up. Daniels looked comfortable even when improvising, and even when hit with guys bigger than he, didn't appear that hurt or shook.

Glad we have a guy with star potential, since Jack Sears and Matt Fink, while serviceable QBs who might become competent signal-callers, probably only have a ceiling like Cody Kessler.