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I know he never won the big one, and he wasn't perfect. But he was a great basketball coach. Never won Coach of the Year in his prime because they would say "Of course he won a lot, he has two future HOFers." Then when he'd win more than expected after Stockton and Malone retired, they'd still give it to someone else. He never cared, but he was unappreciated by many in his time.


Resident Mormon
I'm surprised how much his death is affecting me. It could be the 55-hour work weeks catching up to me and knowing I'll be working on my house for Memorial Day so no rest there. But I reading the Tweets and watching videos of The Original Bull and having a hard time keeping it together.


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I'm cackling at the notion that the Wiz have any chance to get back into this playing ONLY the best 8 Eastern teams and best 12 Western teams. They basically would have to play the Knicks 30 times to make up that gap.
I still think they should try random rule changes to see how it impacts a game. Stuff like seeding the teams 1-16 instead of by conference, 11 foot rims, Home team gets option to use make it take it rules for the first quarter. a 30-second multiball period where two Mountain Dew Epic Ballz are fired onto the court.