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Any finals with the tendies will be okay in my book. That team reminds me of the best parts of the 90s style. I'm pretty sure the Heat have already won but if the Nuggz drop the Lakers I'll give them the respect to wait and see.


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Lebrun and Anthony Davis can certainly be labeled as mercenaries, but most everyone else on the Lakers are homegrown or are castoffs and misfits that other teams didn't really want.
It always feels like Lebrin teams are just weird pieces instead of a team. It's mostly just a bias against lebrun I have because I don't feel that way about any of the other stars (aside from the Kkklipers this season). The Heatles are the only real exception but that was Wade's team.


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The NUGGGZ this year remind me of the last Jay Cutler/Shanahan season in 2008 when they had a really prolific offense that featured a ton of "flex" players. TEs are naturally "flex" players that can contribute in the passing and running phases, but all of the rest of the skill players that year did as well. You had a small athletic TE who could also play in the slot in Scheffler, a another natural starting TE in Daniel Graham, and a TE/WR hybrid in Brandon Marshall who could crack back block a DE and then a RB/FB/TE hybrid player in Petyon Hillis, and Eddie Royal a slot WR who could also run the ball. With the same 5 players in the game they could come out in a JUMBO package and run the footbaw with a bunch of awesome blockers or go 5-wide and have all legitimate threats in the passing game. After decades of specialization in offensive positions/archetypes, I felt like this season was so close to breaking through with a different approach to attacking defensive with FLEX players like Florida and OU were doing at the college level and the Patriots later did with their multiple TE lineups. It was honestly one of the most FUN Denver offenses I ever watched, and they didn't even make the playoffs because they had a mediocre defense and historically bad special teams. I think the Chiefs and Bears returned like 43 kickoffs and Punts for TDs against them that season @Orlando @bruin. At the time @Brick and I were obsessed with CFB HEAVY SPREAD offenses that employed TEs and FBs to counter all the dime/335 defenses that were being employed in response to the 4WR versions of the spread and how these teams were able to get production out of all 5 eligible position players and the QB. I made so many #SPREADSHEETS! We contrasted this to PRO STYLE teams that employed multiple FBs and TEs that they never used for anything but blocking. I remember North Carolina and Virginia Tech specifically had multiple TEs/FBs who NEVER TOUCHED THE BALL! WHAT A WASTE!

Anyway, I like the comparison because the NUGGZ have a bunch of Power Forward/Center types who are athletic enough that you can put like 4 of them on the court at once, which is cool. A cool reaction toward the NBA's recent trend of favoring lineups that are heavy on perimeter shooting and slash/drive players. If the NUGGZ can't match up with that type of lineup, just play more BIG BOYS and change the matchup rules.


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I got 4 screens

Big titty Latinas

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at 3 active now. could go up to 11 if needed. If I could remember a pass word on an old lap top we could make that 12. If ma'ma hadn't gotten ransomware on the laptop I confiscated from her estate we could bump that one up too. SHe must have been dazed on the fentynl n downloaded some farmville virus.