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2019 FIBA World Cup

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Didn't see a thread for this but it starts in a few hours.

Really wish this became the main international tournament. Doesn't make sense for the Olympics to be your biggest tournament if you want to challenge soccer for worldwide supremacy.

The groups:

Group A: Ivory Coast, Poland, Venezuela, China
Group B: Russia, Argentina, South Korea, Nigeria
Group C: Spain, Iran, Puerto Rico, Tunisia
Group D: Angola, Philippines, Italy, Serbia
Group E: Turkey, Czech Republic, United States, Japan
Group F: Greece, New Zealand, Brazil, Montenegro
Group G: Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Jordan
Group H: Canada, Senegal, Lithuania, Australia

Games are on ESPN+

Edit: Link to rosters

Snorky's Shame

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Woke up at 6:30 to see the Philippines fall behind 22-4. Fuck this shit.

EDIT: 37-8 at the end of one. I’ve seen more defensive pressure in an NBA All-Star game than I’ve seen from the Philippines.
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Jesus. 126-67 against Croatia.

Only hope to salvage some pride is against Angola, which is also 0-2.

Except Angola all look like Blatche.

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Jesus. 126-67 against Croatia.

Only hope to salvage some pride is against Angola, which is also 0-2.

Except Angola all look like Blatche.

The worst part is that they have to play two more games after the Angola game. A win is out of the question, let’s lose a game by single digits at least.

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USA down 2 with 12.3 left.

Ilyasova tips in Osman's miss.

Tatum hits 2 of 3 with .1 left. USA's possessions have not been good in the last minute. Mitchell throwing the ball away and Middleton taking the first shot available on the last possession.

EDIT: Middleton hits 2 FT's with 2.1 left, Ilyasova misses 3-pointer at the horn, USA wins by 1.

Brazil and Greece are going to be tough in the next round.
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Snorky's Shame

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After letting the USA off the hook, Turkey lost by 15 to the Czech Republic and are out.

Second Round Groups (points from 1st round) :

Group I: Poland (6), Argentina (6), Venezuela (5), Russia (5)
Group J: Spain (6), Serbia (6), Puerto Rico (5), Italy (5)
Group K: United States (6), Brazil (6), Czech Republic (5), Greece (5)
Group L: France (6), Australia (6), Dominican Republic (5), Lithuania (5)

Classification Groups:

Group M: China (4), Nigeria (4), Ivory Coast (3), South Korea (3)
Group N: Tunisia (4), Angola (4), Iran (3), Philippines (3)
Group O: Turkey (4), New Zealand (4), Japan (3), Montenegro (3)
Group P: Germany (4), Canada (4), Jordan (3), Senegal (3)

In this round you play two games against the teams you did play in the first round. For example the United States will play Brazil and Greece but not the Czech Republic. Points carry over from the first round. The top 2 from groups I-L advance to the knockout stage.

You might be wondering what the point of the classification groups are. The top African, Asian and Oceania team and the top two European and Americas teams at the World Cup automatically qualify for the Olympics next summer. the classification groups are huge in determining the top African and Asian team. Not to mention the top 16 non-qualifying teams from the World Cup enter the wild card tournament for the last 4 spots. Group O is kind of pointless since none of the teams can qualify for the Olympics and Group P looks unlikely to produce an automatic qualifier so Groups M and N are the ones to watch.

Australia (best Oceania team at the World Cup) and Japan (host) have qualified for the Olympics.
Ok, now to the good stuff, the knockout round (in bracket order):

Argentina v Serbia
United States v France
Spain v Poland
Australia v Czech Republic

Tough road for the US. France, most likely Serbia and Australia or Spain. At least they've qualified for the Olympics along with Argentina.

Spare a thought for China, not only did they not get the automatic Olympic berth from Asia (that went to Iran), they didn't even make the qualifying tournament. Just a rough tournament for hosts, hopefully the 2023 hosts won't have as bad of a tournament. Oh shit, the Philippines are hosting the next World Cup. I guess the goal is not to finish last like they did this time around.

Canada barely made the qualifying tournament being the next to last team in (Turkey is the last team in). They could do damage if they could get their best team in. I wouldn't bet on it though.

EDIT: It's actually the top 16 non-qualifying countries plus 2 teams chosen from each region so China isn't out yet but there's no way they are qualifying out of the pre-qualifying tournament.
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Well, we got the Serbia-United States game everyone wanted. In the consolation bracket.

Mitchell shut down in the fourth. Walker awful all game. FT's hurt as well. No answer for Gobert either. The only meaningful US run happened when Gobert was on the bench.

There's a Celtics joke to be had here but I can't think of one.

This is only the second time the US won't medal in a major tournament since 1980. A loss to Serbia means the worst finish ever by an American team ever in a major tournament not including the boycott in 1980.
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Yeah, we really have to take this tournament more seriously and the Olympics less so. Makes no damn sense to make the Olympics the main tournament if you want to grow your sport worldwide. Soccer figured this out 90 years ago, basketball should as well.
I think most countries treat this tournament the most seriously. It is primarily the US that treat the Olympics as the top tournament.
Barely watched any of this but: SUNS RUBIO BOOK
You didn't miss much, the final wasn't competitive.

For those waiting for the Olympics, there is a major format change. Instead of two groups of six in the first round, it's now three groups of four. Top two in each group and the two best third place teams advance to the medal round.. There will be a draw before the medal round to determine the match ups. It's now six games to win gold, not eight.


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I think the NBA's emphasis on threes and layups has resulted in the lack of quality big men being developed for the US. This tournament's US team did not have any really good big men (Miles Turner, Brook lopez and Mason Plumlee?). As a result, teams that did have skilled big gave the US tons of trouble (Serbia, France, hell, even the Australian team with Andrew Bogut gave them trouble). I think part of the problem is that the current NBA has adopted the idea that the center is mostly obselete unless they can knock down three point shots. That may be true if you are going against a superteam having Durant, Curry and Klay Thompson, but international play is a different game.