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I normally am an underdog guy, but I'm absolutely basking in all these plucky wildcard teams getting absolutely curb stomped by the BLUE BLOODS

Something morbidly fascinating about these guys training for a month, then playing a 17 week season, doing pretty well, and then being out of the running by the 2nd quarter of the first playoff game


Throw them into the gulags.
Stephen A. beat COVID just so he could see the Cowboys choke and then go on-air to shit on them.

I fucking love it. I can't stand the guy for 11 months out of the year but getting to see him laughing his ass off and mocking the Cowboys and their fans when they inevitably fuck it all up more than makes up for the Bears' shitty season.
How is scorned Troy Aikman lover Skip Bayless handling the choke job?


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Oh man. I hope Henry is healthy and not trying to come back too soon. This should be a good matchup. Hope it’s a good game! Perfect football weather here in Nashville!!