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2073 Hot Stove


THANK YOU Dermott McHeshi
With Rad's quitting of Winter Meetings.... what is everyone looking for?

Needs: 3B, SP, RP
Have: extra picks, extra CF

Players I'm looking to move:

LH CF Simon Bessent (gr8 defensive CF, 2.3 WAR last year arb est. $1.2m): http://utopia.allsimbaseball9.com//game/lgreports/players/player_9804.html
RH C Robin Hales (career .366 OBP arb est. $4m): http://utopia.allsimbaseball9.com//game/lgreports/players/player_8509.html
RH C David McIntyre (blocked by Hales/McLean making minimum): http://utopia.allsimbaseball9.com//game/lgreports/players/player_10591.html
RH OF Ross Wokey (.799 OPS v LHP making $4.5m): http://utopia.allsimbaseball9.com//game/lgreports/players/player_10396.html
RH DH Longeran Pauling (can really hit, just blocked by LoRod at DH): http://utopia.allsimbaseball9.com//game/lgreports/players/player_4010.html


THANK YOU Dermott McHeshi
Didn't they say in 19 you could train guys two-way now?

I had a guys YEARS ago (Cliff Johnson) who was two-way. But he was just a DH/LOOGY.


TWINK Stadium
Whatever position unless you have him throw bullpens. I'm not sure how it works in 19. I have a two way guy on my 25-man but he never threw a pitch in the minors


Larry Bernandez
Msitakenly let Mwamba go to FA during arb. Offered him a 7 year deal, yet he signs a minor league contract with Vegas. Dunno what is going on with the sim engine.

At this point in time, my interest is waning thanks to course load, working FT, helping out when I can with niece & nephew. Throw in the above and passion to see this out just isn't there.



Magic City Refugee
Definitely way overpaid for a Jayson Werth-esque outfielder but nobody outside of @doh wanted to do any trading this offseason. Finally got rid of all of the long term terrible $20M+ contracts, have the farm stocked with potential position and pitching talent, have the fans coming back, and might actually see a $120M budget next year?

Mr. Radpants

Friendship Drive Charging
Good morning, friend GM

The WBL Winter Meeting Committee has logged your complaint and is pleased to inform you that we are already underway planning the next two Winter Meetings!


TWINK Stadium
redownload if you want the new box scores (won't affect your exports if not)

wont be up on the website till tomorrow's sim cuz the first one still hasn't uploaded, c'est la vie