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SMALL BALLERS GON LOOK 2076 Season Thread: Welcome Corch Hayvis


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So I drafted the same guy in the 1st round this season as I did last season. Last season the doucher was impossible to sign from day one, but I took a chance thinking I might be able to sign him. Unfortunately, he asked for like a $30M dollar signing bonus, so I lost out on a first round pick. This season, I drafted the same guy, but this season he was "extremely hard" to sign.
On my sign draftees page, the three players that I was unable to sign from last season are still listed, but the negotiate button is grayed out. The guy that I drafted twice is listed twice and both negotiate options are grayed out too.
The guy shouldn't be grayed out and he shouldn't be impossible to sign. I'm not real interested in losing back-to-back first round picks with no return because the game is janky. Fix please.


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Why would you draft him again if he didn't want to play for you? Now you want an O to force him to negotiate with you? Do simulation baseball players have rights?
I drafted him again because he wasn't listed as impossible, he was listed as extremely hard. Moscow has enough money to make someone who is extremely hard to sign want to play for them. If he would have been listed as impossible again this season, I would not have drafted him.

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I need a mod help here, i can post here or PM for my number and we'll text if something doesn't work

Need James Mills pulled off the injured list

For all lineups:

Mills back to starting at third base
Rivera to Left
Amicis to CF
Faes to bench, sub for all 3 OF positions when startet tired only

Valencia and Arias to AAA - 25 men?

Mills batting 3 in both lineups, slide everyone down.


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My closer threw 3 pitches that series, and in a game we were already behind!

I might have the stopper/high leverage settings too high for the playoffs. I think it was good to limit ultra fragile Mendoza’s innings as closer during the season, but I should have increased that for the playoffs! Good luck @NML !

My primary stopper had 2 losses and a blown save. Woof