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2079 Season Thread


TWINK Stadium
Anyone out there want to cockbuster? I don't even know what I want but I'll sell or buy. I just need that big trade feeling in my veins again.
I have no assets otherwise I would, unless you want one year of Duane Wells, the 4.5 WAR CF who everyone thinks is garbage.


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Serial: WTF is it?
Its kinda like the card games that are in all the EA/2k sports games. You get cards of players and place them into your lineup. In this you place them in your lineup and get put into a random "league". You participate in that league with your lineup of players. You can open packs and change your roster at will with new players. I think it sims a day of a season every 15-20 minutes or so.


TWINK Stadium
I had him pegged around mid 2nd rounder, so I was probably gonna end my offer at my next year 2nd rounder since this years is high. but late 1st is whatevs


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We are just one move away from the league being as alive as ever
Does it involve me having a decent budget again and handing out really bad nine digit contract extensions to BUMS?

Did you see where Lost Weekend played in high school? He's your Douglass Tagg.
Of the many reasons I drafted him that was at the very top. Any chance I could get this pic set as his permanent one?



Douglass Tagg
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I'm pretty excited about my drunk signing of JEAN PAUW. I thought he was an ELITE PWR BAT CF and I remember seeing some GREENS for fielding. An ELITE PWR BAT CF? HOLY SHIT! I bid him way up, thinking I'd face stiff competition, only to sign him instantly.

I looked at him in the sober light of day and the fielding was not as good as I remembered, especially dat 40 arm, lol. I made him a LF/1B trog bat in spring training! WELCOME TROG BAT PAUW