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30 for 30 Thread


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I love how ESPN built the Big East but had no hand in tearing it apart. There is a saying about the victors writing the history books, right?
I haven't watched it yet, but on the UCF boards they were saying it barely discussed the dissolution or the football side. If so, that'll be disappointing, since I was more interested in a look at the politics between the fb/bb sides, the expansion fights, the dissolution, etc., and not about Cuse/G'town/Nova basketball glory.
I enjoyed it even if it barely mentioned UConn's dominance. It doesn't really focus on the football side to much, but it does hit the big points. Not voting in penn st, and all the expansion /conference changes.

also before GTown won the ncaa title didn't realize it had been 30 years since a northeast team had won a title.


Just watched the "Catching Hell" episode via YouTube. Seemed like the story was mainly about Bill Buckner and the 1986 World Series. I guess that's what happens when you have an entire story about a man who resolutely refuses to grant any interviews.

Was pretty good. I guess Steve Bartman may have to wait until the Cubs win the World Series to come out of hiding.


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Can't wait for The Boz tomorrow. Along with Bo Jackson these are the two I looked most forward to seeing. When I was growing up Bo and The Boz were my two sports heroes and really started my love of college football. It's odd that they both ended up in each other's lore and went on totally divergent paths after they met on the goal line.


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I met the Boz a few years ago in Westwood. He had two nephews that played at UCLA under Dorrell. It took me back seeing him wearing a UCLA shirt when he called UCLA powder blue sissies in his playing days. Good stuff.

Looking forward to this episode. Haven't caught the other ones this season.
This one is great. It's really powerful stuff, especially seeing how regretful Bosworth is.

It's a real contrast to Eric Dickerson's smug ass refusing to admit the cheating he was involved in at SMU in Pony Excess.


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His tshirt he made and took so much shit over is very accurate to describe the crooked ass NCAA in actuality.
Who was the old fuck who said "he made that shirt about men he didn't know" was he an old ncaa exec?

As if to imply the people running the ncaa are great pillars of virtue, upstanding men who are shaping young adults into future leaders.


Finally saw the whole of The Boz. Pretty good, and I wonder what would happen today, with the climate more ripe for the notion that CFB players ought to be paid, if say, Todd Gurley showed up on the Georgia sideline with a T-Shirt saying "National Communists Against Athletes."

Throughout the show, kept having the nagging feeling of "why the heck does he remind me of someone?" At the end of the show, I realized who it was he reminded me of - Jeff Bridges' character of Bad Blake in the movie Crazy Heart. :laughing:


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Sounds very similar to the Shaun Kemp story from Elkhart, IN. Except than Moss had to play the CFB game for two years whereas Kemp could jump,right to the NBA.


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I missed all but the last few minutes due to traveling. Will catch the replay at 11pm on ESPN2.

The summer before my senior year in high school I was on vacation with my family back in West Virginia. We were in Kroger and I was perusing magazines and came across a West Virginia High School preview book/magazine for the 1993 season. I bought it. It had profiles for every high school in West Virginia. It had blurbs on the top 5 candidates for the player of the year award, who were featured on the cover. 4 seniors and 1 junior, Randy Moss:



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yeah, this should have been 90 minutes. but it was still good. Imagine Moss and Peter Warrick together at FSU.

also, chad pennington was the original noodle arm.
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also wish they would have gotten into the heisman ceremony/draft process a more. I would watch that for hours.

9 catches, 220 yards and 4 TD's in the 1-AA championship


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Just watched Rand University. I liked it. I kinda wish there is a Part II that goes through all the NFL shit that happened with Moss.


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at first i thought "do we really need a part 2?", then i saw the trailer and thought "damn right we do!"
Nah, we don't.

There's no former Miami QB from the 90's and 00's who has reached the levels of drunkenness and pain pill addiction like Bernie Kosar.

Prepare yourself for disappointment. The sequel is rarely as good as the original.


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30 for 30 Shorts: Wrestling The Curse

Unless you grew up in North Texas in the 80s, it's kind of hard to explain the importance of the Von Erich's. I saw them live twice (once at the Dallas Sportatorium with my uncle and once on the football field of the small town I grew up in) and we regularly watched them on TV. It's bittersweet for me to think of all the great memories I have of watching them and cheering them on counter posed with the tragedies they endured. It's easy to think that they were idiots and should have made better decisions but I think they were genuinely good guys that just couldn't handle the fame and pressure their success created.