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Beardown about Uniforms - don we now our ghey apparel


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What do you think of these?
A lot of people I have talked to dislike them, but I think that is because fans are really negative about anything that goes away from the traditional stuff. Most fans don't like the hawk as a mascot and want to go back to the Ute tribe having someone on a horse throwing spears. Like the good old days or something. That being said I think they are good as one off helmets. Cool that they are each hand painted.
Pics or gtfo teams. Never watching a video about uniforms.
Basic stuff. They removed everything I hated about the old ones (armpit block of color, black on the helmets and blue jerserys, and the god awful numbers)

Still not perfect. For the next iteration I'd like to see them remove the collar color, add a flying WV to the side of the shoulders, and add a double stripe on the pants like in this fan mock: