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Corches Hot Seat Thread 2018


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While only @bruin and @bruin228 had a wholly "successful Saturday," Lynn Swann went out and got Kliff Kingsbury for OC, which suggests he could be the heir apparent to Gomer Pyle if the Trojans stumble again to a mediocre record, but the offense otherwise does it's best facsimile of Mike Leach's offense.

While I would love a return to mastodon footbaw and being able to mow down lesser opponents with a great O-line and great RBs, that's not how this team is built, and KK is a great fit for the personnel we have at the moment. I expect Daniels to look worlds better next season, and the offense to at least look competitive.

Great hire, I thought for sure he'd hitch his wagon to Sean McVay and the Rams.



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Urryone trying to find the next Sean McVay, and KK fits that mold. Heck, his resume is thicker than McVay's was two years ago.
McVay worked in the NFL for six years and had the third ranked offense in the league with Kirk Cousins and the awful skill players on the SKEENZ

KK has a career under .500 record and was fired at a middle of the road college team

Thought he’d be a good offensive coordinator hire doe


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He’s fine. He had some good offenses at Tennessee before and taking him from Georgia is nice. I just don’t understand why the 40 day search for Chaney. Why would Smart force him out? His offenses have been great there.


more like Turd Crapley

Looks like OU's 2019 corching staff is set. RUFF will stay on as a DL corch with Calvin Thibodeaux while Brian Odom handles the LBs, Manning has the CBs, and Grinch gets the safeties and coordinates.


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Pittsburgh hired Mark Whipple to the offensive coordinator position. He had some pretty good offenses with Miami. Mike Tomlin cut him loose one time because his type of offense didn't cater to Big Ben's style


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Graham Harrell is now the new USC offensive coordinator. I like what he said about Mike McCarthy's playbook during his time in Green Bay. He had a good point though

“I used to tell them all the time, ‘If you pay me enough money, I’ll simplify this whole thing for you and make it a lot easier,’” Graham recounted last week. “They didn’t like that. It was like a badge of honor that they could remember a paragraph. I’m like, ‘Well, it’s great that you can remember the paragraph, but I can’t remember the paragraph and neither can anyone in here. So you’re not doing us any favors.’”