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Dat Week 13 Thread- Brought to You by @bruin


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Why not? The excitement of the SEC too much for you? Florida did score a total of 2 points. B1G can't match that.
Is that Jarvis Moss? Florida ranked #1? When was this, like a decade ago?
2009. EJ Manuel was a freshman and Rick Trickett had this thing where the offensive lineman dont move if the defense is offsides. There are other clips showing the entire line standing still. It was some lets show how disciplined we are thing. Problem of course is our QB gets absolutely fucking drilled. I havent seen it in a few years. My guess is Fisher in the name of QB safety stopped it. Our problem this year has been the inability to not move before the snap.


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The more I watch the funniest part of that gif is the left guard who starts in the freeze and then he turns around and peeks in at whats going on and does a 'HOLY SHIT OUR QB GONNA GET DESTROYED' and starts running aimlessly for someone to block and doesnt find anyone.