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MMA Thread


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Rousey's lack of boxing skills has lead to her two defeats. I think it just took a couple years for MMA to find opponents who had this level of skill.


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I can almost guarantee you this was some planned shit that went too far. You gon tell me he flew from Ireland just to do this? Nah b. The truth will come out when the lawsuits are filed, because if he did this all on his own, all that money he made from Mayweather gon be gone. He gonna get his ass sued off.


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MMA fans are the pitbull owners of sports fans. Best to avoid them unless you have insider info that they're decent people.


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I used to be real into it. I just totally lost interest about 5 years ago when all the guys I liked stopped fighting. Liddell, Penn, Henderson, Couture. I think the last MMA I watched was Dan Henderson losing to Machida. Fucking Rousey was the main even too if I remember correctly.


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Saturday night was a pure shitshow of roid rage and trogs at its finest. Affliction to the extreme.

“My balls were hot”