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NCAA Basketball And Clownzano Twitter Aggregation Thread


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I was wondering about that myself. I wasn't sure if it was because college teams are more undisciplined or refs are doing ref things, but it has seemed like every team has gotten into the bonus easily every game this tournament


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Ya'll are dumb as fuck, nobody wants this. You may think you do because one game randomly the best player gets in foul trouble but you really don't. Just increase the foul count to 6 like the nba


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Though on the plus side if we eliminate foul limits we can bring the Laimbeer, Oakley-style goon back as a legimate player archetype


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Gmc really is advertising the shit out of a 120k hummer on fucking CBS


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Dear Nutopians,

Before the game, I drank six cans of Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper originated in Waco. No surprise....am drinking a couple more.


The Hachiko.