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NCAA Basketball


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I like the idea of starting the season with a conference game to let me know that this gonna be the same stupid shit I've been watching for 20 years in November rather than January.


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i wish every school would just tell the ncaa to go fuck itself. My "give a damn" for college athletics went out the door when UNC was allowed to kill its women's basketball program and use a "well, the classes that we're handing out grades in to keep athletes eligible is also offered to regular students, so we're good" to get off of decades of academic fraud ended it for me. Especially after the early 90's when NC State was given the death penalty and Jim Valvano was railroaded into the ground by the NC Board of Governors because a couple players old a couple pair of shoes. Fuck the NCAA
Last night after midnight my wife and I were about to go to bed and I decided to check on the end of the BYU-UCLA game. We only watched a the last several minutes. At one point, m'wife said "The guy talking (Walton) is an idiot."

I have the best wife.


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UD bitch! I have seen 0 minutes of any game this tournament.

Also can confirm refs much more interested in preserving their position of power and ego than getting calls objectively correct.