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Powerhouse Season Talk


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New dynasty?...

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Rosters aren’t quite done yet. I think the plan is to keep,rolling with this until rosters are fully done. I believe all the “big” schools are done but if we are going 3 star and under, we will want to wait until they are all the way done.
Once done I think we are going to switch over to Operation Sports instead of trying to recruit guys from there to come and join our site(which is a huge pain in the ass).

Navy and I will try and find the admin of the site to hopefully get us our own page


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@Wooly I can play any time after 10 pm ET. Let me know if that works. I’m on now if you want to play now

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My xbox360 is strughling to connect to wifi right now, and my switch died yesterday, so go ahead and play without me. I don't have time to replace it until Sunday.


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I appreciate it, but go ahead and play if you want. My BIL is giving me his old switch when they visit Sunday, and I might get the new one installed after all the family leaves, but if not won't get to it until Monday after work.

I would try with just my wifi, but for some reason this used Xbox360 has a lot of lag. Hardline works great...as long as your old switch doesn't die.