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Seoul Glow

Karl Hungus

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After winning the 2039 championship, things went south for Seoul in 2040. Crippling injuries meant that 3/5 of the rotation, all three starting outfielders, and the Glove Wizard 3b missed significant time.

Some big changes are coming to the Glow in 2041. Slugger Ryan Connor was traded to make room for prized prospect Frederic Carrier at first base; Maresuke Noda should take over for all glove/ no bat Ernesto Carreto at short.


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Interested in following this team. Farm System is stacked...can't wait to see if the young guys can produce and what level they will produce at

Karl Hungus

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2041 musings-

Catcher: Obviously Pottenger is the man here. Truth be told, though, he's been something of a disappointment during his tenure in Seoul. Given his eye/ contact ratings, I expect a much higher return in OBP. The power and defense are a given, though. Diego Escobedo is a solid catcher- very good behind the plate, and a decent hitter. He could probably start for a lot of teams in WBL, and is a candidate to be traded later.

First Base: Frederic Carrier is the man now. Ryan Connor's sub-par 2040 season, coupled with his salary, made the decision easy for me. Carrier is an excellent fielder, and projects to be elite at the plate. My scout thinks even higher of him than the OSA, and I'm excited to see what he can do. A future MVP candidate. Marv Bradshaw is backing him up and DHing; a good hitter, but he's as athletic as Hachiko.

Second Base: Gabriel Ramos is pretty good, but has a steep price tag. Good fielder, decent hitter with a good eye, but he just doesn't seem worth the salary; that said, there is a real dearth of talent at this position in the WBL, so resigning him or not is quite the conundrum. Roy Benthall is backing him up and also backing up at third. He's an excellent fielder at both positions and doesn't strike out much. Good utility guy.

Shortstop: Maresuke Noda, another top prospect, gets the nod here. Possibly the best defensive shortstop in the game, he's another one my scout thinks more of than the OSA. He's projected to be an elite hitter, basically a clone of young Miguel Tejada at the plate. Former Glove Wizard Ernesto Carreto is the backup here; he's the very definition of all glove, no hit.

Third Base: Juan Jose Moran, possibly the best fielder at his position in the WBL, a former Glove Wizard with a rocket arm. Sadly he's pretty meh at the plate. Benthall is the backup here.

Outfield: Alejandro Gomez is a great hitter who rarely strikes out, an excellent defender at both corner spots with a rocket arm. Can't draw a walk to save his life, but he'll feature primarily in left. Rookie Jacky Dirks is an unknown, but gets the nod in right- hit well in the minors, and can put it into the gaps. Plus defender. He's an 8th-round pick out of UNC who has made the show. Enigma Christian Merklein is in center. Not a great defender (in center, but he's excellent in right), but the career-ending injury to our previous centerfielder has kind of hamstrung us. Hoping that this can be the year he finally puts it together. Backups are the streaky Felipe Brito, who has excellent power, a good glove, and little else, and jack of all trades Won Chang.

Starting Pitching: My scout loves second-year man Carlos Goodwin; he has great stuff and excellent movement on all four of his pitches. Can he put his stuff together and dominate? Only time will tell. Fellow youngster Gab Mercier has excellent stuff and great movement, with an excellent fastball that nears 100 on the gun and a devastating change-up. He's coming off an arm injury, but still projects to be a high-end starter. Caffyn, Lindner, and Barron are ok- not much else to say about them.

Bullpen: Yasar Yilmanz is the best of the bunch; he resigned for a discount a few years ago, but even now coming off a poor season he wants big money. Possible trade bait. Caffar Stonestreet, my 2038 first rounder, is a good setup-man with an excellent changeup. No one else is really worth talking about aside from Nicolau Nabo, a the former ace of the staff whose ratings took a major hit after a back injury. Sadly, he's making a metric fuckton of money.

Prospects: Despite the call ups of Carrier and Noda, there is still quite a bit of potential in the farm system. Tin-jong Tsao is an amazing centerfielder, with good potential at the plate. Abdel Sa'id is a former 13th-round pick who is ready to make it big; he's going to spend one more year at AAA to work on his eye. 2040 first rounder Obke van Zon projects to be a good hitter with an excellent eye. International complex product Adrian Mejia is a good fielder who could turn into something good at the plate with some work. There aren't a lot of arms in the farm system, but pitching was the focus of the 2041 draft.

Karl Hungus

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Post-ASG thoughts. Hitting first:

Wow. This team has exceeded all expectations, even despite a recent spate of injuries and concurrent slowdown.

Pottenger is having a potential MVP season but is having a rough July. Thrilled with what he's given me so far. It might be time to look into giving him some breaks behind the plate to keep him fresh.

Frederic Carrier is having a good rookie campaign, and still has a lot of potential to grow into. Ryan Connor is a tough act to follow, but the future is bright for my ginger Haitian.

Maresuke Noda has struggled some at the plate, but has still been a vast improvement over Ernesto Carreto. Another guy with potential to grow into, he's been possibly the best defensive shortstop in the league.

Pottenger, Carrier, and Noda could all end up as Glove Wizards at the end of the season.

The injuries are piling up, though. I was looking forward to getting Abdel Sa'id back, but then he got hurt on his damn rehab assignment. 2b Gab Ramos has had a good season when he's been in the lineup. Alejandro Gomez was raking until he hit the DL. Poor Jacky Dirks tore his PCL one week into the season after a huge spring.

Pitching- Goodwin is having a great first full season, and could be the ace for years to come. Gab Mercier has been excellent as well, exceeding all expectations in his return from an arm injury. Jose Barron has done well, benefiting from excellent defense. Everyone else has been meh or worse. Yilmanz and Stonestreet have pitched well in relief.

CF Tin-Jong Tsao has played well at AA, but for some reason thinks he should be in the majors; he's not even close to ready. LF Adrian Mejia is raking at class A, but is young and needs to work on his discipline. Several middling pitchers are doing OK for Incheon, maybe one will pan out.

Karl Hungus

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Haha, so I haven't updated this one in a few seasons.

We missed out on the playoffs, again. Moscow were ridiculously hot down the stretch and passed us by.

Here's a quick summary on some off-season moves, and then a few thoughts on the team.


Cesar Marrero to a 2yr deal at $1.8m per. He turned in his best season since maybe 2038. He really exceeded my expectations and did a great job of replacing Carlos Goodwin in the rotation.

Kerry Corrigan to a 4yr deal at just under $5m per. Played great defense behind the plate and hit well enough. 2.2 WAR.

Levi Neuvel to a 2yr deal at $3.6m per. His end of season stats were surprisingly good, as I felt he was underperforming for much of the season. That was probably due to his losing 10 games.

Pasta Fahd pitched ok for half a season. Meh.

Traded for:

Picked up Onye Medina midseason from Istanbul after Raul Salazar was bitten by a zombie. He played well, with outstanding defense in RF and he crushed lefties.


I signed Tad Sasaki for the 2047 season, but he was injured the whole year without throwing a pitch. In what was essentially his debut year for us, he was outstanding. 112 innings, 8-2 record, 1.14 whip. Really hope I can convince him to stay.

Worried about Rex Rowe. He was really inconsistent this year, alternating between very good and very bad. :(

Stuut's BA dropped 40 points this year, but I'm inclined to think it was bad luck. His BABIP was down 36 points from last year and is more than 30 points below his career average. I think he bounces back next year, but with Gao Kung coming up in 2050, next season looks to be his last in Seoul.

Tim Long was called up to play 3b for us, and did ok. Still a short term solution, but finished with 1.1 WAR.

Seeing the numbers Carrier is putting up makes me cringe, but Hacksaw (6.0 and 5.2 WAR over the past two seasons) and Ovadilla (5.5 WAR each of the past two seasons) are studs.


I'm excited for Gao Kung to make his way to the big club. Led AA SL1 in walks, OBP, slugging, OPS, ISO, runs, doubles, walks, and IBB. My scout is drooling over him, his ratings have shot through the roof. ETA 2050.

P Javier Trevino's ratings have also gone through the roof. Possible starter or more likely a multi-inning reliever.

Juan Madrigal, Ray Lewis, Carlton Stamfordham, Armando Abina, Silvino Cncio all look like they could develop into WBL players. Carlos Fuentes, Bertrand Maddison, and Elian Torres are promising in the IC.

Wendell Gee

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Kung Pao looks like a real deal. Was pulling for old Mules Sasaki and Marrero all season and glad they performed. I was afraid to take a chance on them.

I didn't think there was any way in heck we would catch the Train but we did get ridiculous hot in the final month. Not sure how many games we made up but it was a bunch. (edit - 5 games back on 5 August, 3.5 back on 5 Sep, even on 15 Sep)

Karl Hungus

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Early off-season update.

I let Beanpole walk. He's been lights out for us, but at $13m next season, it was too much. Hopefully either Levi Neuvel can serve up a lot of ground balls in the 8th/9th or Javier Trevino is ready for the closer role. Both guys are capable of multi-inning appearances, which Garci wasn't.

The Beanpole money went to re-signing Juan Padilla to play 2b for us.

Traded two 3rd round picks for Percy van der Esch. He struggled a bit with Kabul last season, but I like that 65 movement and 65 sinker. I'm penciling him in for the 5 slot as of now.


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Yeah, I like high GB% and movement, which he's got. His best pitch being a sinker is also a plus. His control could be better, but maybe he bounces back. We'll see.
I would have liked to have kept him. He had a couple <3.5 era seasons when he was healthy. With missing games for injury in his last two seasons and drops in his stuff and control...I figured I'd go ahead and get something for him. His last two starts will go down in Kabul lore.

Karl Hungus

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Surprisingly re-signed Beanpole at $6.5m. I had let him walk because he was due a $13m team option.

Also brought back Tad Sasaki, and signed Dung Sa. Both guys with good movement who can be effective in the bullpen or step into the rotation if needed.
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