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the NHL Thread

So it was Hockey Day Minnesota yesterday....

The games were still played and were great games. Who wants to bet if it was an NHL Winter Classic they would’ve pussied out and moved it indoors?


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Today's awful HOT TAKE comes courtesy of Ryan Lambert at Puck Daddy/Yahoo Sports:

24. Philadelphia Flyers (LW: 31)" style="margin-bottom: 1em; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", serif; font-size: 18px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">24. Philadelphia Flyers (LW: 31)

I almost wrote about the seven-game winning streak for 31 Takes yesterday but I didn’t really want to hammer the fact that they’re still seven points out of a playoff spot that much. Like, it’s nice to win I guess but no one’s opinion of this team should have changed that much.

The time to make Carter Hart the No. 1 goalie was Oct. 1, and doing it now is only hurting their draft position. Maybe they don’t care about that, but it feels like they should because as good as Hart is and will be, sneaking into the playoffs isn’t going to accomplish anything (more on that tomorrow).
Yep, I guess the Flyers should just tank the season for the hope of pulling a better draft pick. :laughing: With Hextall/Hakstol in charge on October 1, I can't imagine a worse way to welcome Carter Hart to the league than to have him backstopping a lethargic, uninspired Flyers squad (essentially mirroring Dave Hakstol's approach). So I guess their take is that the Flyers should have continued to trot out Calvin Pickard's 4.01 GAA or Neuvirth's 4.26 GAA. Maybe Mike McKenna - an Ottawa castoff - who also sports a GAA in the 4s. :thumbsup: How about enjoying the surprising, early success of a potential phenom goaltender (with the most potential since Bobrovsky or Pelle Lindbergh) and laying the foundation for next year? Fuck me, sports journalism is the worst.
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Sneaking into playoffs means something in the NHL. Teams that are just pretty good ride hot streaks to the fucking finals! This happens almost regularly. What a bad take.
This is an excellent point that I hadn't really focused mostly because the Metro/Wild Card playoff battle is going to be tough down the stretch. Flyers are 5 points out of the WC, but the Blue Jackets have 2 games in hand. But I totally agree, and teams can even be marginal and ride a hot goalie for multiple rounds.


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Yes. Tanking is the dumbest strategy. If you're like 3rd from last place and you tank, who cares. But if you could make the playoffs and choose to burn up a good year on a young goalie by tanking... you're trying to get clicks on the internet. The guy just needs some Philly hate to get croots click so he can feel like he did a thing today. He's dumb or pretending to be dumb but still actually dumb. (more on that tomorrow). :laughing:


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Yeah, so this ain't the NBA where the 8 seed gets completely steamrolled 99/100 times in the first round in a sweep. If you can make the playoffs without making bad long term deals at the deadline, you do it.