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Week 3 Thread - Out of Time


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You don't know what's going on
You've been away for far too long
You can't come back and think you are still mine

Gameday for the first time in its history is traveling to Ames (not August Ames, RIP) Iowa for The Cy-Hawk Trophy battle between Iowa and Iowa State. Who knows, maybe Vodka Sam will make a appearance. No ranked matchups head to head for the first time since 2017. Hopefully will get out and see IT:Chapter Two this week. With the SHIELD being back on Monday's now, the week is now not so daunting...Tyson Fury is on ESPN+ late Saturday night. Some still say is the best Heavyweight on the planet. Lineal champ aka The Man who Beat The Man.

You're out of touch, my baby
My poor discarded baby
I said, baby, baby, baby, you're out of time

Cheers, bros.

Notable games of note
#20 Washington State at Houston, 9:15 ET, ESPN (Friday)
#6 Ohio State at Indiana, 12 ET, FOX
Pitt at #13 Penn State, 12 ET, ABC
#2 Alabama at South Carolina, 3:30 ET, CBS
#24 USC at BYU. 3:30 ET, ABC
Arizona State at #18 Michigan State, 4 ET, FOX
#19 Iowa at Iowa State, 4 ET, FS1
#9 Florida at Kentucky, 7 ET, ESPN
#1 Clemson at Syracuse, 7:30 ET, ABC
#5 Oklahoma at UCLA, 8 ET, FOX

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You getting Joe Davis (who?) and BROCK

It's Troy Aikman Coin Giveaway Day too. Will it be UCLA Troy on one side and Jerome Brown turning Sooner Troy's ankle into spaghetti on the other?
Joe Davis the one who has taken over Vin Scully in the booth. Young cat, but honestly he’s well liked over here..

What about the homie Jamelle Holieway on the other side. ? Banning’s own..

Terry Donahue gonna be guest captain . TD doesn’t deserve this :sad:
Chris Kleinman and KSU have their first test of the season this weekend. They rolled over Nichols State and Bowling Green with 361 and 333 yards on the ground and a TOP advantage of 84-36 minutes.
Weird watching KSU running an NDSU style offense.