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2022: The Offseason Thread - The Breakup Song


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For those scoring at home Day has now fired
  1. Defensive coordinator / DB coach
  2. Replacement defensive coordinator
  3. Linebackers coach
  4. Oline coach
That defense needed cleansed. With the talent they have on offense a competent defense puts us in the title hunt next season.


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Lol at the best record since 2014 stat like he just started coaching last year or something and when they went 8-5 in 2015 and probably would've gotten detonated in the bowl this year


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Looks like Texas and OU will still be in the Big XII in 2023 and all the new schools will be entering that year. The conference is looking at 7-team divisions with OU and UT in separate divisions that can remain in tact when they eventually leave. Below is what CBS Sports projects those divisions to be. For all we know, it could be way off. Not what I was personally hoping for, as I wanted more games in Texas that I could go to when BYU was on the road. But I think this makes sense.



I was thinking East/West and split up the Texas schools. I think having all of them in one division was one of the reasons for the competitive imbalance the first time.