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Madden Oh Look The Same Damn Game Again 15


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It begins.

Madden NFL 15 will feature all-new player-lock camera angles, pass rush tools, open-field tackling mechanics, and smarter AI.
— Steve Noah (@Steve_OS) April 28, 2014
Madden NFL 15 will also feature dynamic pre-game and halftime shows, in-depth player profiles, as well as enhanced on-field graphics.
— Steve Noah (@Steve_OS) April 28, 2014


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You could literally buy Madden 13, and just download updated rosters and it'd be the same game. :laughing:
Truth. I downloaded some with FA changes and created players drafted in rounds 1-4. Will be more than good enough for next year.


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I know it's a cliche at this point, but I really don't like EA's player models, or motion capturing.

I swear to God, if you get NFL 2K5 and have it playing on a TV across the room, if you cross your eyes or watch it out of your periphery, you could be fooled into thinking there was an actual game on.

You do that with Madden (a DECADE LATER) and it still obviously looks like a video game.

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Why are they posting a madden 06 screenie that they put out there and put the madden15 on it? Is this going to not have a franchise mode like the last first release on the new consoles had? Probably or severely stripped down.


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I didn't play Madden NFL 25, but wasn't it's franchise mode basically a Create-A-Coach thing? Franchise is dead. :silly:


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{td=37x1} {/td}
For now, Kaepernick is the only player who will appear in Madden 15 with his authentic tattoos, because he's the only one who has obtained the permissions from the artists involved. "We want to do this with every player, frankly, and we're hopeful that more players over time actually go out and secure the rights so that we can use their tattoos as well," said Graddy.​


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The shit literally looks the same once you get past the prettier graphics and different animations.:turrible:

Haha! They just are just not capable. Yes I'm certain of this off of this brief bullshit video.


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Lol ESPN is having a Madden cover vote and the crowd is packed. What a bunch of trogs. Do we have any agent orange left?


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Can't wait to play Madden '15 and seem something unrealistic - a sold out Jacksonville Jaguars crowd.


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I decided to trog my way over and lurk on OS (I lost my account pass and I'm not registering a new one) to see opinions on this crap trailer. It's the same OS shit more or less. A mixture of wait and see (still? lol), the "I'm not letting them fool me!" posts (they always end up "giving in" because they're weak), a few "debbie downers" (lol ie:realists) and then the excited trogs.

One of the mods over there tried to point to metacritic as a response against a poster saying the gameplay has flopped over the years since if metacritic says a game is good it must be true and I'm waiting for someone to point that mods stupid ass to the user reviews of Madden but not one did it. The user reviews are all just over 5's out of 10 despite the Media reviews all being 75+'s and 80's.


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I decided to trog my way over and lurk on OS (I lost my account pass and I'm not registering a new one) to see opinions on this crap trailer. It's the same OS shit more or less. A mixture of wait and see (still? lol), the "I'm not letting them fool me!" posts (they always end up "giving in" because they're weak), a few "debbie downers" (lol ie:realists) and then the excited trogs.
After all these years this one still gets me. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people on that site that delude themselves into believing that EA has some great game coming down the pipe despite years of evidence to the contrary. My personal favorite is the annual thread(s) where someone argues that the reason you're not seeing more footage/hype is because the good folks at Tiburon want to to "surprise" everyone with a great game. lolz

I've definitely noticed more realists over the years, FWIW. I registered an account on there a couple years and wasn't banned when I gave my honest opinion of the series. The only thing their moderators quash these days is personal attacks on the developers/blatantly generic criticism.

Might have to go over there and post once gameplay videos start leaking out. My prediction based on the hype machine this year: route mirroring will be back in full force in all it's resplendent glory, since EA knows no other way to shortcut their way to "improved" defense. You'll also see zone defenders have their aggressiveness tuned up so that they make more ridiculous interceptions.


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No G8r's in the tricked into thinking it's good crowd. Trust


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in case anyone here besides g8r g.a.s

Richard Sherman is the cover guy


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Madden 15 Is Getting Defensive – Defensive Information

Ok, so it’s obvious by the EA Press Conference today that EA is focusing on the defensive side of the ball this year and I couldn’t be happier but with only tackling and pass rushing moves being shown at the Presser, what else will the defense be able to do. Well EA has all the information on their website but being someone who has seen and played the game before today I may be able to give you a different perspective. You can find the EA SPORTS Madden 15 Info here but there are a number of things they have not touched when if comes to defense.
Defensive Pass Rush in Madden 15

Let’s start with the defensive pass rush. There are two things you need to remember through this whole point of pass rush; the system that is based on conservative and aggressive actions. Pass rush is getting completely re-done this year, no more right stick spamming. It’s going to a button technique which uses two buttons for finesse and power. This will make pass rushing feel more responsive and more predictable because you’ll know exactly what move you want to pull off, it’s not as random as it was with the right stick.
As soon as the ball is snapped if you press the ‘RT’ you’ll get an accel burst. This is based on the stamina of your player. The timing window is bigger at the beginning of the game where as near the end it will be slower because your stamina isn’t big. This may play a big role on substituting defensive linemen like they do in real life where certain guys are in there to rush the QB and others are there for run defensive purposes.
If you get the accel burst move you’ll get a feedback that you timed it right and then you’ll be able to do a counter move. That means at the point of engagement with the pass blocker you’ll have a timing window where you can get a win and get off the block and get to the QB. If you fail that win you’ll be engaged with the blocker where you’ll have the ability to steer the blocker. If you are steering to the right and you press ‘A’ you’ll do a pass rush move in that direction. The left stick is used to jostle with the offensive lineman. If you flick the left stick to left while pass rushing to the right, you’ll spin off and do a reverse move in the opposite direction.
This seemed to work well when I played the game back in February but I also feel like this may be catering to the people who don’t have my user skills and gives them an advantage. To that point EA told me that 40% of the people who play Madden play with a defensive linemen which could be why they put a lot of focus on this but I also think if you look at the Super Bowl and the Seahawks and how they controlled the line of scrimmage to force Peyton out of rhythm. I think it’s a good thing but again I need to get my hands on it this week to see how effective it really is and if it’s too effective. We’ve all seen great thing implemented but the over power of those things are bad I hope this doesn’t turn into one of those and we’ll get a better idea this week at E3.

There is also a new disengage mechanics. With the ‘A’ button you can and the left stick you can disengage in a particular direction. You can even disengage away from the blocker to go up field. This means that if a runner runs past you, you won’t have to do a swim move in order to get away from the blocker just disengage and go after the ball carrier. On the flip side of this I can see this being used as a way to create unbelievable pressure. I haven’t seen this but if I can occupy a blocker and still get back into pass coverage like expected then this should open up the some creative blitzes. Again we’ll have to see this week and I’ll b back tomorrow hopefully with a full report.
Lock steering is used with the left stick to move the guy that is blocking you and shift his weight left or right. This is great for when you need to shed the tackle and make a play on the ball carrier coming through the line. So again just to recap, use the right stick to steer the offensive linemen, use the left stick to jostle left or right, then disengage with ‘A/X’ to get off the block and tackle the ball carrier. When done right this looks really good.
The ‘X’ button is the more aggressive move. If you press it you’ll try to knock the linemen out the way but you also risk you getting knocked down.

New Tackling

The cone is back, but we are not talking about the Vision Cone that people hated, we are talking the new tackling cone in Madden NFL 15. The cone is used to determine if a player can complete a tackle. If you press ‘A/X’ for a conservative tackle the player will engage in a “non-big hit” tackle animation. Player ratings determine the success of the tackle.
Aggressive Tackle combines both dive and Hit Stick tackles. If a ball carrier is within three yards of the defender, pressing the Aggressive Tackle button (X on Xbox One, Square on PS4) will trigger a Hit Stick tackle. If the offensive player is outside of three yards, pressing the Aggressive Tackle button will result in a diving tackle attempt.
The success of these tackle are based on a number of factors, including player ratings and timing. If a user attempts a tackle before the ball carrier reaches them, they could whiff on the tackle entirely.
It is important to note that the cone can be turned off and will be turned off on higher level difficulties like All-Pro and All-Madden.


EA SPORTS made a big effort on making defensive coverages shut down the routes that are supposed to shut down. Meaning they are trying their best to eliminate money routes, but I think we all know that won’t happen but they are trying. One of the things they also talked about is that you’ll see more swats than ever before. They felt the average player threw too many interceptions. I don’t agree with that, if a person makes a bad read they should pay for it.
Zones seem to be much tighter and although there weren’t as many interceptions, the fact that the defense can make effort catches like the offense shows that they are trying. So you’ll see more diving swats, guys playing the ball and the player, and even guys jumping for balls above their head to try to get a finger on it.
Man coverage seems to be tighter to but there still is no defensive man assignment which is still a big request by the community. From what I understand having specific assignments to players messes up EA’s man alignment. I haven’t confirmed that’s why it’s not in there but I’m guessing that’s the reason it hasn’t been implemented but there has to be a better way because it’s still unfair that Calvin Johnson can go anywhere on the field he wants but I have to keep Richard Sherman on one side of the field or try to guess where Megatron is going to be.
The defense also may seem better because of the inaccuracy of QBs but that’s on the offensive side of the ball and we’ll talk about that later.

Here are some more information regarding the defense in Madden 15:
- Defensive player lock from NCAA has come over to Madden with the L3 click.
- You can also switch to a defensive camera without locking on to a specific player.
- Changes to the strip ball have been made. So now strip ball is on the Right Bumper and there are new strip ball tackle animations.


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that domain name lol


Madden NFL 15 Gameplay Hands-On Impressions

Jun 10, 2014

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to head down to Tiburon Studios to check out EA SPORTS’ Madden NFL 15. My hands-on time was extensive and expansive, and I’d say I played roughly 25-30 hours of the title with my time at the studio.
While Kevin Harley focused more on the presentation and visual elements, which you can read up on here, I tried to focus solely on gameplay improvements for this year’s title and how they enhanced the overall experience. You won’t find Connected Franchise Mode, MUT additions or information regarding the new play-calling mechanic here, but we’ll be sure to cover those in future articles.
What I played was a noticeable improvement over last year’s Madden NFL 25 on our new consoles, and Madden NFL 15 definitely feels like a first “next-gen” Madden, especially in how it looks and replicates the feeling of watching the NFL on Sunday’s. Is it perfect? No. There are still a few areas in which I’d love to see major enhancements, but this is a huge step up, and for the first time in a long while I feel as if Madden NFL finally gives us a “full” experience on the field, something it hasn’t done in quite some time.

Defense Matters

Lets be frank. Defense in Madden NFL games has been stagnant, boring and relatively featureless for the past, oh, I don’t know…decade?! While there have been some minor touch-ups here and there, the Madden NFL series hasn’t seen a major upgrade since Madden ‘05, when Ray Lewis dawned the cover.
Madden NFL 25’s defense was a mess. Zones didn’t work appropriately, it didn’t feel “fun”, and the defensive line felt overpowered due to the major upgrades on the offensive side of the ball.
So what’s changed in Madden NFL 15 on the defensive side of the ball? Well, a lot. The most apparent change comes with the defensive line improvements. First off, it feels fun again, and this is accomplished by some new mechanics built into how you control your line as a user.
The D-Line features a new mechanic called “Jump the Snap”, which, yes, has been in the series before, but it feels much more risk/reward now. Hitting “Y” or “Triangle” makes your player jump off the line, and if you mistime it, you’ll end up offsides. You can also steer tackles now, and that alone makes the experience feel a lot more organic and realistic. Now you can guide your blocker left or right, and in doing so, you can make your moves a lot more effective. Pull tackles to the outside and then power to the middle, steer them in and spin to the outside…it really does add a level of immersion, and the canned animations from last year are far and few between.
You also control power moves and finesse moves with the face buttons now, and again, they feel much more intuitive than they have in years past. What was most impressive about the line controls and mechanics, is that they made star players who play in those positions actually feel like superstar athletes, something Madden NFL has failed to do in the past. I used the Houston Texans and got to try out J.J. Watt and Clowney, and oh man, those two combined were almost unstoppable. Just ask Kevin, who played me head-to-head against the Texans, and couldn’t do anything offensively constantly being pressured by my line. Sure this has happened in prior games, but I was actually controlling this action, and it was a blast to play.
Another player who benefited greatly from the new moves was Aldon Smith. No, you can’t yell out bomb threats or get drunk, but what you can do is use his incredible power finesse moves and get to the QB at a devastating rate, especially when combined with the “jump the line” feature. Needless to say, choosing a team with a powerful defensive line matters again, and what I played felt fun and immersive.

Coverage Improvements

Zones? Much improved. In fact, the AI was completely re-written, and AI players will now show a lot more awareness of where they are on the field and what is happening around them. I also found that zones seem a lot more effective this year when using teams that actually employ them. Seattle was incredibly tough to beat in their Cover 3, and players reacted to passes in a much more realistic manner.
Another nice touch I noticed was that star corners, such as this year’s cover boy Richard Sherman, play with incredible intensity and will make plays on the ball if you test them often. Curl routes are no longer a sure thing if a guy like Sherman is sagging off of you in coverage. CB awareness has taken a leap forward, and my “sorry-ass” paid dearly for attempting fate with the greatest corner in the game on numerous occasions.
A small addition added that made a huge difference, was something called “Cover the Sticks”. Basically, you can now press “Y” or “Triangle” and then “Y” or “Triangle” again, and your defense will now either cover the first down marker, or the goal-line, which was especially effective in long 3rd and 14 plays where you wanna play zone but protect the first down marker at the same time.
Another solid improvement comes with a new Adaptive AI system, that helps create an environment where the CPU can start to read how you’re controlling your offense. The days of running “Strong Power” to the outside are over, as CPU opponents will pick up on repeated plays as the game moves forward. To test this, I purposely ran 4 HB screens in a row to see what would happen. The first one went for a gain of 12, the second went for a gain of 4, the third was stuffed right away for an incompletion and the fourth attempt was picked-off for a TD. I definitely need to put it through its paces a lot more, but I was highly impressed with just how tough it could be to face CPU opponents on harder difficulties. The days of destroying the CPU on All-Pro seem to be coming to an end.
There has been a lot of early feedback on the “Vision Cone” tackle cone, but rest assured it can be toggled on or off, and I believe the plan is to have it set to ‘off’ on All-Pro or higher. This was put in place to help more casual users understand the new tackle “timing” areas, but once you adjust, I found the cone wasn’t really needed. On the subject of tackling, it definitely takes some getting used to. Obviously the biggest change is the aggressive and conservative tackles, and the timing windows have been narrowed to make tackling feel more risk/reward.
The different tackle windows definitely add to the experience, and you’ll see a lot more broken tackles if you plan on continuously spamming the aggressive button. You’ll also get embarrassed if you try to be conservative in the wrong situations. It is important to note that you can still dive at opponents if you try a conservative tackle from outside of the tackle cone. Tackling definitely feels more intuitive and rewards smart play in the right situations.
Overall, defense is fun once again. No, it isn’t perfect, but better. I still want to see more CB/WR interactions and more interference calls in the secondary, but this is a vast improvement. Playing head-to-head and against the CPU, I had blowout losses (against Seattle, Denver and San Francisco), 10-7 scores and saw individuals who resembled their real-life counterparts on defense, which are all welcoming additions.
Quick Notes:
  • Momentum is improved this year. I didn’t see any silly stiff-arm situations or small running backs plowing over linebackers.
  • There are new fumble animations this year, and fumbles seem to happen in more accurate situations. There is even an animation for the Tillman “punch fumble”.
Pocket Passers Matter Again

Another big improvement to Madden NFL 15 are the new systems put in place to make a QB’s accuracy rating mater. In past Madden’s, QB’s have had laser-like accuracy, and almost every pass seemed to be perfectly thrown. This of course, failed to make QB’s with lower accuracy ratings feel like a weakness. This is why mobile QB’s have been so overpowered in the past few seasons, especially with the addition of the pistol formation – there was no deterrent stopping you from using a guy like Josh Johnson. In fact, I saw CFM’s where players would trade Peyton Manning and use a guy like Johnson instead, which would NEVER happen in real life.
The accuracy issue was actually a much bigger issue than we knew about. Remember a few years ago when we were told there were 400 catch animations in the game, but we only saw a selected few? This wasn’t because they weren’t in the game, but because QB’s never threw off-target, meaning WR’s would never be faced with different positions. After researching this, QB accuracy was completely re-written, and now ratings will play a much bigger role in just how successful a throw will be. In short, a ball can go almost anywhere now. You won’t see passes to a receiver’s numbers 100% of the time. In fact, you’ll see low passes, passes behind the target, errant throws, over-throws, bouncers and wobbly spirals. Because of this, receivers now use all of their animations and the amount of different catch animations I saw was more than impressive. Receivers will reach for balls, behind them or ahead of them. They’ll reach up for balls over their heads and they’ll always display effort, even when a ball is un-catchable.
This played a huge role in my experience with Madden NFL 15 early on. Playing with a QB such as Peyton or Tom Brady, now has noticeable effects that benefit the user. You’ll notice that these types of accurate pocket passers will give you a significant strength, and their accuracy is visible right away. Play with those mobile QB’s who have weaker accuracy traits such as Michael Vick? Be prepared to throw errant passes and costly INT’s if you aren’t careful, and even if you are careful, there are still no guarantees.
A few other important notes on the offensive side of the ball:
  • Sideline catches are tuned appropriately this year and they looked fantastic in my time with the game. I saw players toe drag, and have acute awareness of where they were on the field.
  • Trajectories feel more authentic. I was able to abuse one-on-one coverage with guys like Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson. I was able to beat CB’s deep on throws, something I struggled with last year. I also noticed this on goal-line fades. I was able to put the ball into the back corner of the end-zone where only my WR could make a play, and again, with Fitz or Megatron, it became deadly for my opposition.
  • Saw more penalties being called such as – blocking downfield, late hits out of bounds and roughing the passer were all penalties I saw numerous times that I saw none of last year.

Animation/Organic Fluidity (Celebrations)

I know Kev touched on some of this visual stuff, but I feel it necessary to point some of it out once again, as it directly impacted my gameplay experience.
The game is 100% night and day when it comes to organic immersion and post-play movement. Players move with authenticity like never before, and the real-time cut-scenes add so much to the experience. I saw players helping other players up, multiple celebratory reactions and little details I’ve never seen in a Madden title before. I will also tell you that none of last year’s animations made the cut. That’s good, because if I saw another coach squeeze a gatorade bottle into my mouth I was going to squeeze gatorade all over my test-unit Xbox One. The touchdown celebrations are also a huge leap forward, as the camera no longer cuts to canned animations. You’ll see everything happen organically and it looks damn impressive.
The animations themselves have taken huge strides as well. Players move more realistically and tackles look much better than before. Going into instant replay now is a lot of fun just to watch the different tackles and contact take place. It might not be noticeable to the casual player, but for me there was a huge step taken in making what was happening on the field look much more realistic.
Kicking Meter

A new kicking meter! So here’s a quick run-down:
  • Kick meter is much like the Tiger Woods PGA Tour swing mechanic. You still pull back and then forward, but if you aim left or right, you have to actually coordinate your stick movement in that direction, meaning a kick left to right needs a diagonal left to diagonal right press. The more severe the angle, the further you push the stick off-center.
  • Wind actually work correctly now. Thank baby Jesus.
  • Kicking power and accuracy play a huge role in how accurate you have to be with your kick swing and how far you can kick. You’ll see far less successful 50 yard tries, and some kickers won’t even come close to hitting 55 yarders.
  • The net behind the uprights is now dynamic, meaning it’ll move when the ball hits it. Small detail, but nice nonetheless.
Gauntlet/Skill Challenges

Also new to Madden NFL 15, are some new skills challenges and a new fun game mode entitled “The Gauntlet”, which I’ll touch on in a minute.
First, there are a ton of new skill challenges, some that start a trend of which I want to see more of in all sports titles. There are now skill challenges that actually educate users on the strategic elements of football. The game will now teach you how to read zone v. man defenses, how to read specific pass reads and how to identify blitz schemes. I really have to commend the team at Tiburon for focusing on educating casual users on strategy. I fully believe that some of these challenges will help users who want to learn the sport, understand how the game’s core mechanics incorporate real-time strategy.
The Gauntlet is a new skill-based mode which is built to be an “arcade”-like experience which will test even the most dedicated Madden fan. In short, you start with 5 lives, and the Gauntlet will throw challenge after challenge at you, basically like mini-games, which you need to successfully beat to move on. For instance, your first challenge may be to get a first down using an option run. If you fail, you lose a life. Once you lose all 5 lives, the game is over.
The cool thing is, every 5 “levels”, the Gauntlet will give you a “boss battle” of sorts. These boss battles are more difficult challenges that are meant to test you, while also having fun with the game’s mechanics. A few examples of boss battles:
  • Kick a 107 yard field goal from your end-zone in hurricane-force winds (230 miles per hour)
  • Go from one end-zone to the other behind 11 offensive linemen trying to avoid 15-20 on-coming tacklers
  • Throw to a receiver in a specific hot zone on the field in a sea of defenders
While the mode is made for a fun and unique look at the game, I found it to be highly addictive, and found myself always trying to beat my high-score. I made it to the 28th level, and the highest I saw during my week at Tiburon was 37. I totally recommend checking out this mode when the game drops in August.

So there’s my early look at Madden NFL 15. While there is still a lot of tuning to happen between my playtime and getting to certification, the game looked and played much better than last year’s first foray onto new consoles. There are still improvements that need to happen, but enhancements to the defensive side of the ball, some tuning and cleaning up of the offense, along with a much more organic experience between plays and fluid animations during, make this a pretty significant overhaul on the field.
Madden NFL 15 releases on August 26th, and you can expect much more coverage as we approach release, including more hands-on impressions of the game’s new playcall mechanic, the new matchup stick, CFM additions and more.

Are you excited about the new features? Are there any questions you have that weren’t answered here? Let us know in the comments below, or in our GoodGameBro community forums!