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nUtopia's broke

Okay seriously, nUtopia is self-funded through donations and we have finally burned through our stash from initial contributions after we moved two years ago. As we've done before, we have a PayPal account set up to handle donations to cover the costs of running the site, which include hosting, domain registration (Hi, Jeb!), software costs. etc. There is a donation page accessible from the top header row (next to Members), and you can access the donation page here:

(link removed - broken)

All donations will go into the official nUtopia savings account and are disbursed when we incur expenses, which is about 1-2 times per year. Thanks for your consideration. :thumbsup:

Edit for 2019: The add-on costs more money than we care to spend, so donations are handled here now: https://www.paypal.me/nUtopiasBroke
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I know a few of you people have already found the user "account upgrade" option that donates $5. I have that money and will move it into the Utopia slush fund. Trust that I have not used any of ur $5 to buy 3/4 of a beer at the bar.

Please use the donations button that Irishman posted moving forward.
We currently have about $145 and we owe $300 for server costs now. Those server costs are annual, and we incur occasional expenses for other stuff.


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I would donate but I got an email from hr. And payroll tiday stating they overpaid my bonus and I have to pay some back.