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2018 Motor Racing thread


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The reddit rumor du jour is that Kyle Busch is leaving JGR to bring KBM up to the Cup Series, and his brother would be joining him there.

KBM will be moving up to the Cup Series with Kyle and Kurt as the first two cars. FRR will lose their technical alliance with JGR, and KBM will essentially replace FRR in that role, with more funding, being in NC, and a larger roster, they will be a future 4-car team like how fast SHR grew. There are plenty of points to support this claim.
  • Kyle is TECHNICALLY in a contract year, and while that doesn't mean much, because Gibbs would no doubt re-sign him regardless, it does mean it's easier for Gibbs to release him and help him bring his own team to Cup.
  • Kurt is most likely out a ride but DOES have sponsorship following him with Monster, what was KBM's sponsor in XFINITY? Monster. Who still has the ONLY win in XFINITY ever for KBM? Kurt. Who's Kyle's brother? Kurt. Kurt and Kyle would be phenomenal at developing a new Cup team. I imagine it would grow as fast as SHR did. It's no secret Kurt is most likely done at SHR, even coming off this amazing win at Bristol, his seat is still one that's been rumored to eventually end up as Cole Custer's for years. Kurt's time at SHR might be up and what better way to end his career than to drive for his brother in his final Cup years?
  • FRR and Truex's fates are hanging off the edge, JGR could EASILY ditch FRR and grab KBM to be their new technical alliance team. Toyota can even keep Truex, send Truex to the #18, Kyle will drive the #54 for his team, Kurt will drive the #97, his championship number. If FRR folds or gets bought out, it could be by KBM for that all important charter.
  • BK Racing is also up for grabs as well as their charter. If KBM can obtain a charter from FRR and BKR, that's two charters right there for their two cars.
Kyle will also most likely reopen an XFINITY Series team and probably run one car with several drivers.
My sources have told me something along the lines of this:
Kyle out of the #18, into his own #54 for KBM.
Kurt out of the #41, into the #97 for KBM.
Cole Custer up to Cup with the #41, possibly renumbered #00.
Truex out of the #78, into the #18 OR a third KBM car.
Bell either one more year in XFINITY, if KBM doesn't grab a third charter, or a third KBM car which is incredibly unlikely as obtaining three charters would be super hard to do.​
FRR either shuts down or picks up someone like Kenseth. FRR is being cut from the Toyota alliance though so would most likely go to Fords with support from Roush or SHR. Pearn probably will follow Truex. KBM gets funding from TRD and Mars for Kyle and TRD and Monster Energy for Kurt.
The things my rumor supposedly guarantees is KBM is coming to Cup, fielding a minimum of two cars for the Busch brothers, Toyota wants to keep Truex, and may or may not move Bell to Cup if a spot is available. At the very least he can try qualifying in on speed for an attempted rookie season, plenty of rookies have done that in the last few years.
I was personally astonished when I was told this news, but the more I think about it and the teams currently impacted in our sport, like FRR, BK Racing, and Kurt's free-agent status, the more and more it looks like a serious possibility. Kyle's dream is to be a driver/owner at the Cup level like Tony Stewart was, with the right funding from Toyota, Mars, and Monster Energy, I see no reason why it couldn't happen now.


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