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Also he said something I've heard a few times that is new to me. What is a nuclear family? I'm guessing it's man-woman-children but why is that nuclear?


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You've never heard nuclear family?
Not recently. I guess I shouldn't have said new, but I only remember hearing it a few times probably a long time ago.

Edit: I got hung up on nuclear energy, nucleus makes sense. It's just a weird phrase and I've heard it multiple times in the last few weeks. I guess it's part of the GOP's focus again
So after today's games, there are four teams fighting for that final playoff spot in the West.

There is going to be a play-in game(s) between whoever finishes as the 8th seed and the 9th seed. The 8th seed only has to win one of the play-in games, while the 9th seed has to win two of the play-in games. The winner gets the final playoff spot.

Each of the four teams has two regular season games to play.

Memphis is currently the 8th seed.
Portland - 0.5 game back
San Antonio - 1 game back
Phoenix - 1 game back