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2020-21 Club Soccer (UCL, EL, Libertadores, CCL & Domestic Leagues)

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This Mbappe fellow is pretty good.

Over/under 2 hours before someone edits Barcelona’s wiki page with Owner: Kylian Mbappe.

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THANK YOU Dermott McHeshi
Barca looked absolutely dreadful. Dest was awful... so was everyone else.

Sad Messi will go out like this.

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Barca looked absolutely dreadful. Dest was awful... so was everyone else.

Sad Messi will go out like this.
Let’s see...

You have two defenders coming off injury (Dest and Pique)
A LB that can give up goals as easily as he can create/score them (Jordi Alba)
A defender that’s in way over his head (Frog Pussy)
A defender that refused to get knee surgery (Um...titi)
A CDM on his last legs (Busquets)
A CM not playing his best position and being forced to play emergency CB at times (De Jong)
A LW not playing his best position, really trying hard to make it work but in retrospect should not have been bought (Griezmann)
A forward who has finally stayed healthy, shows flashes but still has not justified his price tag (Dembele)
A player whose best position at the club doesn’t exist (Coutinho)

It will interesting to see how Laporta (yeah, he’s winning the election next month) fixes this mess. It should be noted that he wasn’t the most fiscally responsible of presidents the first time around.

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So we all called this being a useless signing right? Declined to pursue Ziyech and others in favor of fucking Willian

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Fuck you Koeman. Stop playing Frog Pussy.

Part of Barcelona’s transfer policy has to be if your French, you’re gone. Not that I hate French players, but no reason why any of them can’t be transferred out.

EDIT: Of course Bartomeu extended Frog Pussy until 2026 as one of his last acts. Shit, got to find that island Abramovic sent Winston Bogarde years ago.
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ESPN+ has the Belgian League now.

La Liga and Ligue Une need to get off beIN now but Ligue Une has domestic TV deal troubles of their own. I don’t see Paris being challenged consistently for awhile thanks to the collapse of that deal.

Ligue Une really needs:

  • A strong, not dysfunctional, Marseille
  • Lyon to continue to be well run
  • Monaco to be a place for young talent
  • Another good Paris team to compete with Paris Saint-Germain, city is too big to be a one club town.

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This was a game in the Copa Libertadores today:

Liverpool (not the English one) v Universidad Catolica (not the Chilean one)

“At least this Liverpool can win at home” was a pretty good line.

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Europa Round of 16 Draw:

Ajax v Young Boys
Dynamo Kyiv v Villarreal
Roma v Shakhtar
Olympiakos v Arsenal
Dinamo Zagreb v Tottenham
Manchester United v Milan
Slavia Praha v Rangers
Granada v Molde

France and Germany gone from this competition. I guess Arsenal can’t play it’s home leg in Athens this time around.


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Loved how on Tuesday CBSSports was all about the UCL. Pregame, live coverage of game, post game.

And then Wednesday back to regular scheduled programming of Tiki & Tuerney. :laughing:


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This team....is now leading Portuguese club football and is on track to win its first title since 2002.
This team.

Sporting Lisbon.