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2086 Season Thread


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Now it’s time for the next chapter. Andreas and I are happy to announce that we have sold our ownership shares of Out of the Park Developments to the Com2uS corporation, who is a global leader in the games industry and already has several successful MLB-licensed mobile games in their portfolio of excellent products.
a fucking mobile gaming company? oh fuck sake...this is over


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Why not sell it to SI Games and Miles Jacobsen who make FM? OOTP and FM are the same gaming model.


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Might be a good thing. Mobile company will work on the mobile game, and leave them to run OOTP desktop without the distraction.


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I looked at exports, saw a red cross by mine and just re-exported. Just realised that the lack of exports could be because @Karl Hungus is in the middle of simming. Sorry if I've accidentally the whole thing.