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General OOTP Observations Thread


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Are y’all having problems with pitchers dying quickly out of the draft? I’m in another league and we’ve noticed that a lot lately. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve all but given up on first round pitchers.

Mr. Radpants

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I don’t understand why he was offered Buffalo to begin with:laughing: Did Lloyd ever give up the team?

But now yanking back the offer is sketchy, the Pro might want to be in a major world market like Buffalo NY instead of London.


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I won you two titles then gave you the team back, and wrote fanfic to prove it!

If you really want to keep the team, come back and we'll give thepro UK instead (so he can be Thepro ThePros)
Why don't you take Buffalo, Thepro takes UK, and let the CPU throw Fortaleza in the bin.


TWINK Stadium
Buffalo can fit 2 (or 16) teams. Just move the Kings to the Spaceport district and leave the original Murricans in the Space Elevator district.

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