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International Soccer


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It's definitely not the greatest matchup for France, definitely as a 3rd pot team. Similar in physicality, both Sweden and Ireland (for a little) have given them problems recently. This Danish team is far more technical than those 2 as well. If Eriksen is in form I really like Denmark's chances. I honestly don't know too much about Peru, so maybe someone who knows more can fill me in. One could say it's lucky for France to have 3(!) playoff teams in a group, but all teams probably deserve to be there. That Australia-Denmark game though... Depending on what Denmark shows up, that has potential to be the shittiest game in the WC :laughing:

This will be the 3rd out of 5 World Cups that Denmark has made it to in which they're in the same group as France. Both made it through in 98 and only Denmark made it through in 2002. So as is tradition, I'm liking the odds. But as both a French and Danish citizen I'd be over the moon if both make it through.
Australia is always a tough out as well. That said France should have enough wiggle room not to get 2010'd

Unless you count Portugal, Argentina is most likely to not advance as a 1 seed imo. Just lost to Nigeria a couple of weeks ago

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Australia is terrible though. Like the Dutch, they’re between generations.

I think Russia is more likely to get knocked out early than Argentina. Despite their talent, Croatia doesn’t consistently get out of the group. Iceland might be overawed by the occasion playing Argentina first and Nigeria has lost to Argentina in the previous four World Cup games.
Croatia has historically had some tough groups though. This may be the first one where they have the talent and the path is clearly there. Argentina may advance by virtue of the other 3 teams beating up on each other, but I have a feeling they will drop points in one of those games

Agreed on Russia, but at least they've finally gotten rid of those 3 36 year old CSKA center backs. Kutepov and Dzhikia have both been doing good for Spartak and there's always a chance Dzagoev shows up healthy this time. I feel like they will get 4 points but lose on GD because of Salah.
UEFA Nations League were drawn. Group 1 in League A should be very intriguing

League A:

Group 1:

Group 2:

Group 3:

Group 4:

League B:

Group 1:
-Czech Republic

Group 2:

Group 3:
-Northern Ireland

Group 4:
-Republic of Ireland

League C:

Group 1:

Group 2:

Group 3:

Group 4:

League D:
Group 1:

Group 2:

-San Marino

Group 3:
-Faroe Islands

Group 4:
-FYR Macedonia
The Dutch are going to get relegated. England has a good chance of relegation as well.

This tournament will also have a bearing on Euro 2020 qualification and seeding. Qualification for the tournament won’t end until March 2020.
I always wondered if Americans (and Mexicans) always had the wrong mentality in going to Europe as in they've been pampered in MLS and Liga MX and aren't willing to to battle for their spot every day like Cameron mentioned knowing they have a cushy fallback home.

I look at Japan and South Korea as peer countries and it seems that there are more of them in Europe's top leagues but in terms of international play, Mexico and the United States are more successful than them showing that the talent level is equal among those 4.
Well I guess Chicago isn’t going to host World Cup games in 2026.

I don’t mind not giving in to FIFA’s somewhat ridiculous demands but don’t use the pretense that you saving the taxpayers when you used $125 MILLION IN PUBLIC MONEY TO BUILD A BASKETBALL ARENA FOR DEPAUL! Nobody gives a shit about DePaul basketball and nobody asked for a new arena.

Rahm Emanuel can go die in a fire.
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Well, I guess we know three countries that won’t be voting for the North American bid for the 2026 World Cup.

France, Dominica and St. Lucia

They got Saudi Arabia’s vote though.

Anyone want to do a vote tracker?