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the NHL Thread


Kuemper with some nice saves tonight. Wouldn't mind him in Edmonton next year judging by this year's FA pool. He's not great but surely an upgrade over MIKE. Give Skinner the backup minutes.
Maybe it's because Stan Kroenke's greed ensures that they're the team I have the fewest opportunities to watch all year. :kekleo:

Seriously though, they are proving (finally) that all the hype these past three seasons may have been justified. They figured out how not to step on their dicks in the big moments this year and that's awesome.

Rutgers Mike

Dr. Sad
Because retreads! That's why!
from TheAthletic.com

There’s something genuinely ironic about Paul Maurice’s hire in Florida this past week, given the contentious debate on social media over his appointment – as well as that of his good friend, Peter DeBoer, in Dallas.

The two sides of the argument:

1. Should a team opt for an experienced coach, with an established record that immediately leaves them open to criticism that they are hiring a recycled coach, a coach who hasn’t yet been able to get his team to the Stanley Cup finish line? (Pick whichever pejorative term or description you prefer).

2. Or alternatively, do you go out on a limb and recruit one of tomorrow’s promising rising stars, someone paying their dues in the minors, college, junior or Europe, but needs one big break to establish their NHL coaching bona-fides.

In Maurice’s case, even though he now fully qualifies in the first category, he was originally the guy that checked – and practically invented – box No. 2.