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30 for 30 Thread


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Glad I'm not the only one that felt that way. The director sounded like the kind of guy that could overthink a blowjob. Walshy was a real dipshit. Fuck Lou Holtz now and forever.

I'm still laughing at those bootleg Budweiser shirts. Almost wish I had went to undergrad in the '80s instead of the '90s. "King of Schools"? Bitch it's Notre Lame. Odds them hoez like having their hair pulled is lower than the not being a dead fish fuck.


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1983 NFL draft is on ESPN classic that focused on the QBs is on right now. Love the behind the scenes story as told by the guy who represented both Elway and Marino.


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Whats funny bout this catholics vs convicts thing is that every program today acts like miami did then. the celebrating, the taunting, etc etc. they were just ahead of their time which made them controversial


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An estimated 60 percent of former NBA players are broke within five years of retirement, Sports Illustrated reported in 2009. That same report noted that 78 percent of NFL players are bankrupt or under financial stress by the time they have been retired for two years.


Not a 30 for 30 (although they did do one on athletes going broke), but would make for an interesting topic.

"What if I told you that a man made 60 million dollars before the age of 25, and lost it all in his 30s"

I remember those Clips teams of the early 2000s. I always thought "typical Clippers" when they drafted Miles. He wasn't a Shaq, or a Kevin Garnett or a Moses Malone or heck, even a Michael Olowokandi. I thought he looked like a twig that would snap under the pressure of a 82-game season.

But, his story is hardly unique. Fame and fortune at a very young age usually winds up in a bad place.


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Celtics-Llllllakers 30 for 30 incoming. I was hooked until I read this part.

The documentary will also take a unique approach in having two narrators – Ice Cube representing the Lakers and Donnie Wahlberg for the Celtics.


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Gimme Jack Nicholson on Dyan Cannon for the Lakers over Ice Cube. That said, neither Nicholson or Cannon fit the new ESPN/SC6 model.

I'd even take Bill Simmons over the second most famous Wahlberg.
Anyone watch the Celtics-Lakers 3 part 30 for 30? Marathon just starting right now and I got nuthin better to do tonight than watch it all the way through.


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Yep. For the most part, it's great. The Ice Cube and Donnie Wahlberg narration was pretty lame though and caters to that trog type of fandom, as well as overdoing the racial narrative, but goddamn Larry Bird was awesome. Anytime the media tried to pull some shit and try to get him to say something to generate controversy he kind of shrugged it off, made a self-deprecating joke about it, and then went back to ballin'. The amount of punching and pushing and shoving in some of these series is pretty incredible compared to what we see today, wish I could've been alive to watch them.

Also I didn't realize that the Magic-Bird rivalry basically legitimized the NBA in comparison to the other leagues, they used to have Finals games on tape delay as late as the early 80s lol.