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the NHL Thread

I don't think he's been that bad. Games 2 and 3 he was great. I think the team as a whole has been dreadful the entire time. The majority of the goals he's let in haven't been where he flubbed it or it squeezed through or he didn't seal a post.(Previous 2 years say hi) It's wide open guys on the back post or slot with 2-5 Preds just hanging out. It'd have been nice if he came up with a save early in game 4 but it also would have been nice if the team around him didn't take 4 penalties to start the game. I have a hard time singling out Rinne when the team has been so bad. How about convert a power play once. Or Ekholm not go to the box 3 times a night. Or tie up a stick once in a while. For them to be ahead right now you'd be asking Rinne to steal every game. And they are because they've been shit.