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the NHL Thread


aka spiker or DeadMong
Well that sucked. Sharks definitely out played the Avs for 2 periods, but Avs still had a great chance to win. Would have been really interesting to see what would have happened if that goal hadn't been overturned.


Administrative Fäggot
So replay can overturn a goal where the puck comes out of the zone by the width of a pube two minutes before the score even if the only angle showing it is a zoomed-in super-slo-mo view from the far side, but replay can't overturn a goal on an obvious hand pass assisted goal near the crease? Good talk.

Those four officials should not be on the ice for the rest of the playoffs.


Well-Known Member
Also couldn't review a puck that went out of play into the netting and then landed to be immediately scored. The reply rules are fucked in the NHL. I've been raging against the offside review forever. But for them to not be able to review a scoring play in OT in the playoffs is :nebraskaman: