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Trade Wars Discussion


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also, two way sensation Abdul Hasib bin wakil could be moved. If you are in need for a really good SP and a 1B for 90 games per season...hit me up. Hes on a good contract as well.


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muwaffaq got a weird career. Has a 4.4 WAR season, a 3.0 WAR season and then every other season of his career he couldn't even get above 1 WAR
Normally on the GG awards I look at the ZR and then, if some are close (like a lot of RF/LF) I go with whoever had the most WAR. Muwaffaq is a guy I really thought would be a decent enough hitter where I could use him to spell the BUMS I have in the OF and still put up positive WAR and elite defense. Instead he's an elite defensive corner outfielder but his hitting is dead. Reminds me a lot of Roger Bernadina from the pre-winning Nats days @Mr. Radpants @jdlikewhoa


THANK YOU Dermott McHeshi
Better hope Gustavo uses that opt out (which would mean he's ARB eligible but even then you can non-tender him)...