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Week 8 Thread - (More Than a Feeling)

Klimpson cucked anOSU so bad a couple years ago that they transferred Klimpsoning to them
Makes me speculate about the culture at tOSU. They have won a lot of games since the Clemson loss. But the losses they have suffered were by 15,31, and 29 points.

Below are the differentials in their 4 losses including Clemson.

31 - Clemson
15 - OU
31 - Iowa
29 - Purdue

I have witnessed a similar pattern at FSU. At the tail end of the 2014 season issues with Fishers personal life came out, Trickett had a heart attack. Blowout loss to Oregon. Then lethargy from the team, poor performances, and a few blowout losses. Yeah, FSU won 10 wins in 2015 and 2016. But there was clearly a culture problem. In 2016 the coaches required the players to sign an effort pledge. That was the point we knew it had to be over. But somehow the team did rally to win an Orange Bowl. Then 2017 happened, a complete break down. Even if Fisher didn't bolt to A&M this was going to end bad. He lost the players, they stopped buying in, and playing.

These types of losses are easy to blowoff as an anomaly. But it usually takes a couple years for the ramifications are truly felt.

What I find totally unbelievable is tOSUs lack of ability to run the ball. They are ranked 69th in the country running the ball.


@bruin, does this feel like 2001, only in reverse?

Pete Carroll's tenure started off similarly slow, and we know how that turned out. UCLA at that time was running along smoothly until the wheels fell off.
I can't remember, but what happens in this scenario:

UCLA goes 6-6 and wins the SOUTH (lone remaining loss to HERMano, of course), loses in the Shampionship game to CORCH LEACH and is now 6-7

Does UCLA get a bowl bid?


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lmfao at butch jones smoking a cigar with bama and corch AIIIIGHT building that culture saying he can't compete without the CROOTIN. how dumb is he to say that out loud? @Southpaw


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Did butch smoke it with his asshole?

I don't follow Tennessee news. I just watch the games so I really don't even know what you're asking.