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Week 8 Thread - (More Than a Feeling)


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Gameday is finally heading to the Palouse. #12 Oregon at #25 Washington State (4:30 PT, FOX). Much deserved. I'm sure the Fireball will be /engaged.

Time of the year when the cream rises to the top in conference play. If possible(praying it's not, Game 7 of the NLCS would be in evening).

Notable matchups:
#6 Michigan at #24 Michigan State (9:00 AM PT, FOX)
#1 Alabama at Tennessee (12:30, CBS)
#16 NC State at #3 Clemson (12:30, ESPN)
#22 Mississippi State at #5 LSU (4:00, ESPN)
#2 Ohio State at Purdue (4:30, ABC)

Salud, hermanos.



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My parents are gonna be in town and want me to watch State-Clemson with them. I expect an excruciating loss in which I grind my teeth to dust while the announcers talk about how much FUN Dabo is having. State ain't played nobody.


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Lock of the week of the century but all the monies on Purdue. Buckeyes ravaged by injuries and shitty lb play. They may win but no chance they cover the 13.5. honestly I expect an upset


Douglass Tagg
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NORMA had an awesome week to claim the #1 spot in squirrel treeing at our local park. There's some tough competition with a terrier mix in city park who has been known to tree up to 20 squirrels in a single walk, but NORMA won't face him until post season.... and no matter which hound emerges victorious, we can take comfort in the fact that @Yankee151 will be slaughtered.

You can see she's showboating now with the #spinmoves